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Hey 1 more note...

Don Fenton, Jr. (Feb 24, 2003)

Hey 1 more note...

WC HQ 10:10 am Monday Feb. 24th

Just reading today's NIBL notes and enjoying myself. A few things I'd like to point out.

  1. Tommy's playoff team is awful, especially without McGrady. A true possibility with the recent play of MJ. Great quote in the Times today "hey Kobe lets see how many 40 point games you get when your forty". All this MJ bashing is laughable, the guy helps the economy of each city he plays in each night, still is one of the top players in the game (JRai and I in shock with his 4th Q display against the mighty Mavs yesterday) and makes Sportscenter better each night. Yeah...he should of stayed retired (as a Bulls fan), but in my book he has given me so much pleasure through the years I'd support him if he tried baseball again. You want to rip on someone? Turn your attention to Shawn Kemp or Daniel.
  2. Hey Vegas and Point Blank, how many NIBL titles have you clowns won? That's what I thought. I can say whatever I want, I BUILT this league, just like MJ.
  3. Alan Houston a disappointment? Do your homework junior. How's that for persuasion?
  4. I'm glad that Point Blank and Vegas have joined the smack talking owners, it was boring with just Aruba, Diablow and me. Cancun where are you?
  5. Bill- lucky coin toss call on Gooden, enjoy it as you make your run at the Tools. If Johnny makes the playoffs, just put his name on the trophy. Who dropped Gooden anyway? Must be some newbies. Read the papers junior, some of those rumors come true.

Peace out.







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