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Eddie "PB" Heil (Feb 27, 2003)

My 2 Cents on the "Don-Juan Debate:"

Court is now in session, Chief Justice Heil Presiding.

This debate has caused Donnie to use many profanities to assert his argument... I fucking guess that fucking Donnie is too fucking stupid to fucking realize that even dumb fuckers like him can fucking make a god-damned fucking argument without fucking saying "fuck" so fucking much... In any case, with Don getting so flustered, you all knew I couldn't sit on my hands and not contribute my side to the situation.

My impression is that McDonald's Fenton Jr., the self-proclaimed NIBL jedi-master, is just another pathetic example of a old man losing touch with reality. You know he has lost it when he builds his team around a bunch of dysfunctional wash-ups and never-will-be's. The bastard truly believes Terrell Brandon is going to play at some point this season... have they found his foot yet? ...Or maybe he is hoping Mutombo drank enough milk on the IL to miraculously transform his glass skeleton into bone. Or perhaps he thinks his #1 pick (Vince) can play a career best "3 games in a row" without a trip to the IL... maybe Canada has hot nurses who prefer coffee to creme.

So, basically I agree with what Justin said. However, I must add, we only lose because our opponents usually have one of their best weeks against us. For example, Cap City: 345 (3rd best for him), Aruba: 332 (2nd best), Shakopee: 343 (best), Diablow: 365 (best), Cancun: 335 (best). As you can plainly see, 5 of our 8 loses have come as a result of being victim to another team's top-3 output and NOT from being a bad team. We average 297 NIBLs per week and this week we will get to 300 for the 9th time this season. Don's team averages 274 NIBLs per week and this week you may reach the 300 plateau for only the 5th time this season.

The stats speak for themselves. Don's team is bad, but it WAS good "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...." However, our team is good, but has bad luck.

Therefore the debate is over, if there ever was one.

So let the official record show: Donnie has some real chumps on his team that have probably let him down as much as his life has... enjoy being old, you fucker.

With Lots of Love for Don-Juan, Chief Justice Heil presiding in the Court of MURDER... So ordered for I have spoken.

Chief Justice Borawski in concurrance.


Ed Note: The "fuck" count from Don Fenton's last post: 0. The one before that: 1. 

When does PB play WC? Geez... yow, bill






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