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Hey Coach, Put me in!

Young Bill Krieger (Mar 31, 2003)

Annual Ritual

The following guys must be played in the final week of the Nibl season:

Team Player
Cap City C Williamson, det
Manila H Turkoglu, sac
Napa Valley G Wallace, sac
DuPage J Crawford, chi
DuPage V Radmanovic, sea
DuPage M Rose, sas
DuPage M Camby, den
Plainfield D Fisher, lal
Plainfield R Rogers, njn
Plainfield D Armstrong, orl
Shakopee M Allen, mia
Cancun E Ginobli, sas
Nantucket R Patterson, por
West Chicago A Peeler, min
West Chicago K Thomas, hou

If you don't play your guys, then I'll contact your opponent an he/she will select your replacement lineup. If neither party cares, then I'll flip a coin.


"Let's go to the lobby and get a drink"

- Ty Krieger

West is complicated

OK, here's the standings:

  • Cancun 13-7... how does this team score 359 nibls?
  • Walla 12-8... how does this team score 225 nibls?
  • Diablo 12-8... saved their season last week beating Walla, but fading faster than MJ.
  • Nantucket 11-9... it sure would be nice to have one of those first four Shaq-free losses back
  • West Chicago 10-10... the "evil one" will at least salvage a .500 season, but the playoffs are a stretch

Well, I've looked at it a bit... and a bit more. The only thing I can figure out is that if Cancun beats Diablo this week, then she's in the playoffs. The Cleavage own tiebreakers over Walla, Nantucket and, with a win, Diablo.

After that, your guess is as good as mine. OK, let's see... if West Chicago wins both his remaining games... hold on a second... oh, fuck it. I can't figure it out. Just remember this... the first tiebreaker if two teams are tied is head-to-head record and then head-to-head scoring. If more than two teams are tied, then its best record in all the games involving those teams and then most points in those games. Get your calculator out!

Vacation Report

Skiing in Steamboat Colorado... 4 bill-stars!

Most bizarre moment of the trip... I'm standing at the pickup area outside of O'Hare, when a cop notices an unattended bag next to the curb. It was a small piece of kid's luggage. The cop got on her radio, and in five minutes another cop showed up. It was surreal watching the two of them look it over without touching the thing. 

Finally, the supervisor cop reaches down and pushes the handle down on the bag. I'm no nut case or hyper-sensitive to this terrorist crap, but man she's pushing this handle down and all I'm thinking is explosives plunger. 

We live in bizarre times.

East is simple

Vegas wins the East and will be the top-ranked team in the playoffs. Duh.

Mark it in your calendar:

Week 22

Cap City at Aruba

The winner goes to the playoffs... the loser gets a ticket to palooka-ville and shit for the next 6 months or so.

Back to Vegas for a second:

  • How the hell does Vegas score 322 last week playing Robert Horry and Theo Ratliff?
  • Vegas... Kentucky... Vegas... Kentucky... notice any similarities? Aruba... Marquette... Aruba... Marquette... guess I better beat Cap City first, eh.

2003 Pao Gasol Memorial Nibl F-Up Award

This year's winner... drum roll...

Tim Hardaway

Tim Hardaway, now an Indiana Pacer (and taking some of my valuable Tinsley nibls, I might add), is not on the master player list and therefore is not available to any Nibl team in the playoffs.


Last but definitely not least... best wishes to our military men and women in Iraq. It's amazing to see the bravery and quality of people that we have in our armed forces. Here's to an American victory and a safe return home for our guys!

nibl... yow, bill

PS - Geez, it sure seems like the Cub will suck this year. For my money, a .500 season is a pipe dream. They may have one of the worst starting 8 in the NL. I have but one hope for the season (shit, I hope I'm not jinxing him)... my only hope for the season is a 50+ homer season out of Sammy Sosa. Lord help me.







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