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Young Bill Krieger (Apr 6, 2003)

2003 West Race: Tightest Ever

OK, tighten your seat belt... 4 teams are up for the two playoff slots in the West: Cancun, Diablo, Walla and the surging Nantucket Buckets.

I don't recall any Nibl race having four teams eligible for the last two playoff spots... and all still up in the air going into the last week of the season. First off, here are the relevant week 22 games:

  • Diablo (13-8) at Nantucket (12-9)
  • Cancun (13-8) at West Chicago
  • Point Blank at Walla Walla (13-8)

Well, here's what can happen (I think?) Go!

Easy Case 1: Best record

This week: Cancun, Diablo win... Walla, Nantucket lose

Results: Cancun, Diablo advance with 14-8 records

Easy Case 2: Best record

This week: Cancun, Walla win... Diablo loses to Nantucket

Result: Cancun, Walla advance with 14-8 records

Easy Case 3: Best record

This week: Diablo, Walla win... Cancun, Nantucket loses

Result: Diablo, Walla advance with 14-8 records

Case 4: All three leaders win

This week: Cancun, Diablo, Walla win... Nantucket loses

This causes a 3-way tie in the West at 14-8. The first tiebreaker in this case is game played between the tied teams. The records in this case are: Cancun 1-3, Diablo 3-1, Walla 2-2

Result: Diablo, Walla advance on first tiebreaker

Case 5: All three leaders lose

This week: Nantucket wins... Cancun, Diablo, Walla lose

This causes a 4-way tie in the West at 13-9. Again, the first tiebreaker is record in the games played between all four teams. These records are: Cancun 2-4, Diablo 3-3, Walla 3-3, Nantucket 4-2. Nantucket would win this tiebreaker. Diablo and Walla are tied, so the second tiebreaker is nibls scored in all the games. This would have to be calculated after this week's games.

Result: Nantucket and either Diablo/Walla advance on the 2nd "points" tiebreaker

Case 6: Only one leader wins

This week: Cancun, Nantucket win... Diablo, Walla lose

Cancun would stand alone with a 14-8 record. The remaining three teams have the following records when playing each other: Diablo 1-3, Walla 2-2, Nantucket 3-1. Nantucket would win on this tiebreaker.

Result: Cancun advances with 14-8 record, Nantucket advances on the 1st tiebreaker 

Case 7: Only one leader wins

This week: Walla, Nantucket win... Cancun, Diablo lose

Walla would win the West with a 14-8 record. The remaining three teams would be tied at 13-9. The records between these three teams is: Cancun 1-3, Diablo 2-2, Nantucket 3-1. So, Nantucket would advance.

Result: Walla advances with 14-8 record, Nantucket advances on the 1st tiebreaker

Case 8: Only one leader wins

This week: Diablo wins... Cancun, Walla, Nantucket lose

Diablo would win the West with a 14-8 record. Cancun and Walla would be tied at 13-9. Cancun and Walla split their games, but Cancun scored more nibls. 

Result: Diablo advances with 14-8 record, Cancun advances on 2nd "points" tiebreaker


Here's an English summary of some of this stuff:

  • Diablo and Walla have control of their destiny... if they win, they're in.
  • If Cancun wins, she still needs Walla or Diablo to win
  • Nantucket needs to win and needs Cancun or Walla or both to lost.


2003 East Race: One game and Mega-Vegas

Vegas has already clinched the number one seed in the playoffs. All that's left for the Vermin is his claim as "Best Nibl Team Ever".

  • Best Record - Playing Doof-page this week, Vegas should win and finish with a Nibl-best 20-2 record.
  • Highest Scoring - The current nibl per game record for a regular season is 325.9. Vegas needs to score 339 to average 326 npg.

The second banana in the East will be decided in the Cap City, Aruba matchup. Winner goes, loser blows.

Tank, the verb

A little recent history...

After a crushing defeat to West Chicago, I received a despondent call from the newbies at Point Blank. They announced that they were tanking their remaining games and sitting their usual busters. I said this would only be OK if it didn't effect the playoff race. Checking the results, Point Blank had already lost to each playoff contender in the West, so I allowed their deliberate tanking, since they presumably would lose to each playoff team, leaving no one at any advantage.

After this, Seattle (hrmph) requested to tank their remaining games. This request was squelched because Seattle had already defeated Diablo, and Seattle had a chance at beating other playoff teams in it remaining games.

Finally, Point Blank requested (light-heartedly, I believe) to change their lineup for this week's contest with Walla. This was denied using my previous logic. 

Anyway, I've tried to keep things as fair as I can. I do think we need a rule against tanking, however. Our league is too incestuous to allow this. We'll figure it out next year... or will we?

yow, bill




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