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Wild Race to the Nibl Finish Line

Young Bill Krieger (Apr 14, 2003)


"Blame it on the black star

Blame it on the falling sky

Blame it on the satellite

that brings me home"

- Radiohead, Black Star

Aruba, Diablo, Walla advance

In the most exciting final week of any Nibl regular season, the final three teams of the playoffs claimed their spots:

  • Aruba - beat Cap City in a head-to-head matchup, 302-261 and won second place in the East.
  • Diablo - held off surging Nantucket to take the top spot in the West.
  • Walla Walla - it took an amazing Saturday night performance by Ricky Davis to propel Walla past Point Blank and into 2nd place in the West.

The bride's maid in this year's playoff is Cancun. Cancun won her final contest (casting West Chicago into the nadir of his first sub-.500 season btw), but lost a head-to-head-to-head first place tie to Diablo and Walla with a combined 1-3 record against these foes.

We've had one three way tie in Nibl seasons past... back in 1999, Cap City, Baghdad and Vegas were locked at 8-5 for second place in the East. The Tool won that three-way tangle.

Anyway, we have our 2003 Nibl playoff matchups:

Eastern Conference

Aruba Thongs (17-5)


Vegas Vermin (20-2)

Western Conference

Walla Walla BoardBangers (14-8)


Diablo Spawn (14-8)

stay tuned... yow, bill






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