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Walla's dream and the flippin' playoffs

The Bailey Boys & Young Bill Krieger (Apr 19, 2003)

Playoff Draft

The supplemental draft for the first round:

  1. Vegas - G Ostertag, uta
  2. Diablo - Z Randolph, por
  3. Aruba - D Stoudamire, por
  4. Walla - E Williams, bos
  5. Walla - D George, lal
  6. Aruba - Z Rebraca, det
  7. Diablo - P Garrity, orl
  8. Vegas - S pollard, sac

Roll the flippin' ball out. We'll have game one results by Monday.

Walla's Dream

by the Bailey Boys

Walla has a dream and we are halfway there. We made the playoffs. 

Now we have to go all the way so that at the next draft we can drive our big old muddy pickup truck into the new great room to have our picture with the trophy. 

Here at Walla we received a lot of e-mail telling us that we had to win to keep the women out of the playoffs. We do not agree that women should not own teams and that they should just be at the draft to serve coffee and doughnuts. Here at Walla they would be to busy slopping the hogs + washing the old truck to have the time for serving doughnuts + coffee. If you go back to the first year you will know why we are happy they didn't make the playoffs.

On to our dream. Walla Walla

How's that "comeback" feel now, jerky boy?

by YBK

First, I love the Bailey Boys.

Second, I'm in the playoffs and MJ isn't. He he.

Shit, I'm even a year older than he is. Punk.

Did you see MJ's "final game" as a pro?

No, I'm not talking about the gentle nudge to Bryon Russell, the soaring jumper at the top of the key and the Bulls' winning our sixth title in as many tries... The culmination of the powers of the grace and intensity of the best player in team sport history.

This was Wednesday night's meaningless blowout of a hapless team "led" by Michael Jordan into a 37-45 record and playoff-free oblivion. The signature of Michael's real/fake last game was a 4-15 shooting performance (all WNBA jumpers) and a complete lack of effort by the busters that Michael himself either drafted or traded for.

So, I say "he he".

I do have a favorite MJ comeback moment though... it has to be Kobe slapping 50+ on Michael's tired silly ass and then jokingly cuffing him on the back of the head like a little sister. It was the perfect image to drive home the obvious: "the torch" was passed 4 years ago and MJ's final comeback was an arrogant, self-serving sham.

yow, bill

PS - Almost forgot... go Thong!




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