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Nibl Finale

Young Bill Krieger (May 5, 2003)

Nibl Finals Draft

Last chance draft to beef up the Nibl Finals rosters was held last night:

  1. Vegas - W McCarty, bos
  2. Walla - J Collins, njn
  3. Walla - B Bowen, sas
  4. Vegas - Speedy Claxton, sas


"They are trying to do something that has never been done"

- Portland @ Dallas announcer, game 7, 4th quarter, 3:00 to go as the Portland Blazers tied the game... the Blazers were attempting to win, coming back from an 0-3 series start

The last 3 minutes

The last 3 minutes of the last game of round 1 of the NBA playoffs had a mighty impact on this year's Nibl finals. It was game 7, Portland @ Dallas, and the Nibl stakes were high. A Dallas loss would have eliminated Walla playoff stars Dirk Nowitki and Nick Van Exel, and propelled Vegas domo Bonzi Wells into the Nibl Finals.

It wasn't to be, and Walla's guys led the way. Dirk and Nick torched the Blazers into oblivion... and Vegas may follow.

Walla Walla brings a full complement of players to the Finals, while Vegas has been decimated. Here are the expected starting lineups:

Walla Vegas
F - E Williams, bos F - R Horry, lal
F - D George, lal F - W McCarty, bos
C - Dirk, dal C - S Pollard, sac
G - Nick, dal G - D Christie, sac
G - Bobby Jackson, sac G - Speedy, sas

With the stunning loss of first round studs, T-Mac, Marbury and Bonzi, the Vermin head into the Finals a big-time underdog.


"Jesus loves a winner"

- Kirstie Allie in "Drop Dead Gorgeous"

MJ Rant, continued

I guess this is actually better press than Michael Jordan is used to of late. At least it wasn't a new story of a "girlfriend" that Michael paid off or the like. No, this was just a near-complete indictment of his return by his little Wiz teammates and management. Guess Stack, Kwami and the boys didn't like a 40 year-old ex-star ranting at how bad they sucked day and night... when he himself didn't have the skills to deserve the time and spotlight he received on the team.

''Without Michael we would be just as good of a team,'' predicts Jerry Stackhouse. As wrong as it sounds, I agree with Stackhouse. I think the final nails on the Michael "big faker" comeback will be:

  • The Wiz will indeed have at least as good a record (37-45) next year without Michael
  • Doug Collins will be fired for playing Michael's toady for two years to the detriment of the team
  • The Bulls, at the prospect of a Jordan as GM controversy, snapped up John Paxson from the broadcast booth without missing a beat (BTW, look for Paxson to fail miserably... completing the "Two Jerrys" irony... ya know, "organizations win championships"... well, the Bulls have sucked for five years, but now have a nice nucleus, only to turn it over to a radio announcer who spends more time on the treadmill than he does reading... and the Bull will suffer moving forward)
  • Michael will be not be asked back as head Wizard honcho... two reasons: 1) the current players are against it, and 2) ownership know that he won't commit the time or effort necessary to run an NBA franchise
  • Michael's "people" are now negotiating with the new Charlotte franchise. I'll go ahead and predict that Charlotte won't throw him "the keys" either. Look for Michael to be a "figure head" or consultant or advisor or such for the new team.

Michael will, no doubt, stay busy. 

So, Michael, stick to your commercials... golf... high-stakes blackjack... and of course "girlfriends"... oh, and lest I forget... "more time with your family." Right.

So be it!

nibl... yow, bill






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