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Last update: Mar 2013

A Brief History

If Ernie Banks were really such an eager beaver, he say "Let's play three!" Yes?

We started the LetsPlay2 fantasy baseball league back in 2004. It was really a blast. I think for a lot of us fantasy baseball is so much fun that it has pretty much ruined fantasy football.

For the young, uncivilized, uncultured and White Sox fans... "Let's play two" is the rally call of Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks. The ultimate prize of any LetsPlay2 competitor was possession of the LetPlay2 Ernie Banks Cup, honoring the champion of the league each year.

The LetsPlay3 fantasy baseball league evolved from the original LetsPlay2 league. How'd that happen, Bill? Well, um, let's just say... like the snake and the mongoose, fantasy leagues and the D-word are mortal enemies. So be it.

Our Yahoo league is at:
I'm Bill, the commish, and you can email me at:

enjoy... yow, bill

How to Play

This is a real quick overview.

Fantasy baseball is very similar to fantasy football, just a smidge more complicated and more fun.

Let's see... If fantasy football is picking up some drunk girl at a bar and taking her home for the night, then fantasy baseball is like taking the drunk girl and her drunker, hotter twin sister home and they don't talk too much (except to tell you they've "been bad") and they both, like, each own a liquor store and... ya know, I think I'm a little off track here. You get the idea.


Special Rules

We follow the Yahoo rules pretty much. Except for these playoff weebles:

We made this change to stop teams from hoarding moves for the playoffs. As Commish, I enforce these exceptions to the Yahoo rules by diddling with each team's number of moves, setting each to 24, one less than the maximum.

That's a wrap

The LetsPlay3 competition has been fierce and the playoffs have been breathtakingly close many years. As the league, and our kids, have gotten older, many sons LP3 with their own teams. We now have 14 teams playing each year (knock on wood), and the league is stronger than ever.

let's play three... yow, bill