LetsPlay3 Fantasy Baseball League

LetsPlay3 (LP3) is a fantasy baseball league. Our inter-galactic headquarters are located in beautiful Naperville, IL.

LP3 is: friendly, strong since 2004, head-to-head, 5x5 format (but with total bases instead of batting average), chockful 'o father-son combos, and way fun! This (crappy) auxiliary website keeps track of our league history and some extra stats during the season, too.

We're a Yahoo league: baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/letsplay3.

thanks... yow, bill
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The 2018 Season

I am duty-bound to pause here... All LP3 league owners join me and bow down to our better in every way, the reigning champion from 2017, the Boston Poindexter!

Pitchers and catchers have reported to Spring training. You know what that means. Fantasy baseball pitchers and catchers aren't far behind. (smile)

LetsPlay3 Fantasy Baseball - 2018 Season
Twelve Steps of fantasy baseball addiction


This is the $$$. The champions of LetsPlay3.

LetsPlay3 Championship Trophy

The rest

You can read more about LetsPlay3 at these (old, raggedy) pages:

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thanks... yow, bill
williamt@williamt.com ~ @williamt777