LetsPlay2 Fantasy Baseball League

The 2005 Season

Hey there... enjoy this page. It's a recap of the 2005 LP2 season. Can you say 2006? yup... yow, bill

LP2 Championship

Oct 3, 2005

Golem win!

In the closest final ever, Gotham City defeats Naperville 5-4. Check out the final boxscore below.

yow, bill

Sep 19, 2005

LP2 Finals are set: MagicCup at der Golem. Go! Look at that Cup/Pope boxscore down there... closest dang playoff ever!

Perhaps old Moz Krieger said it best at the poker table Saturday night, "Am I still in?"

LetsPlay2 2005 Championship

Gotham City Golem 5,

Naperville MagicCups 4

final boxscore


pitching database

boxscore with one day left

boxscore after one week

enjoy... yow, bill

LP2 Playoffs

Sep 5, 2005

Bigger than nascar, here they come... the LP2 playoffs:

LetsPlay2 2005 Semifinals

Naperville MagicCups 6,

Vatican City Popes 2




Ukraine Pelicans 1,

Gotham City Golems 8




Ready. Set. GO!

he he... yow, bill

LetsPlay2 season rolling, rolling rolling

Apr 29, 2005

Final regular season standings:

  Team Win-Loss-Tie Win
1* Vatican City Popes 120-81-19 .589 - 24 
2* Gotham City Golems 107-101-12 .514 16.5 21 
3* Ukraine Pelicans 105-101-14 .509 17.5 13 
4* Naperville MagicCups 104-100-16 .509 17.5 23 
5 LG Spots 101-105-14 .491 21.5 23 
6 coocheyvillecameltoe 100-111-9 .475 25 22 
7 white sharks 94-113-13 .457 29 12 
8 Hilo Storm 89-108-23 .457 29 15 


Okay, back in black, stats only a mother could love:   
What is this madness?
Explanation of Bill's Power Rating (BPR)

Bill's Power Rating (BPR)
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Week4 Week5 Week 6
Week7 Week8 Week 9
Week 10 Week 11 Week 12
Week 13 Week 14 Week 15
Week 16 Week 17 Week 18
Week 19 Week 20 Week 21
Week 22    

Hmm. Why won't that table center. Shit. Oops, inner monologue spewing again. Gotta go. Hey, let me know if any of this stuff isn't showing up correctly in your browser.

Something new! Enjoy the LP2 All-Star team and some shenanigans: LetsPlay2 2005 - Halfway there

thanks... yow, bill

LetsPlay2: ready to rock

Mar 28, 2005
Prior to the draft, LetsPlay2 honored our current champion, G-Spot Jerry Kee, with our unflinching servitude for the next year and the the highly-coveted "Ernie Banks Cup" in recognition of Jerry's 2004 championship run:

LaGrange D-Spots, 2004 LetsPlay2 Champion
Jerry Kee: your better in every way

The draft was a lot of fun and went like clockwork: LetsPlay2 2005 Draft Results

Week 1 starts Monday April 4.
thanks... yow, bill

LetsPlay2 redux, the 2005 season

Welcome to year 2 of the LetsPlay2 fantasy baseball league.

Hey, first things first. Put that mouse down, get out of your chair and bow down low to your better in every way... the guy who got all the hot chicks while you just watched... the man with the martini to your Shirley Temple... the dude who... oh, for Christ's sake, here it is:

LetsPlay2 2004 Champion

LaGrange G-Spots

Owner: Jerry Kee

Anyway, the 2005 draft is set:

The draft order, based on last year's standings will be:

  1. Ian - KY Jellies
  2. Angero - Whitesharks
  3. **newbie (newbie order determined by random drawing)
  4. **newbie
  5. **newbie
  6. **newbie
  7. Tommy - Gotham City Golem
  8. Denise - Coocheyville CamelToe
  9. Danny - Westmont Pelicans
  10. Me - Naperville Homowners
  11. Steve - Hilo Storm
  12. Jerry - LaGrange G-Spots

Newbie draft order will be determined by random drawing. Also, you can certainly move your team location or change your mascot. I just included them as a reminder.

We're shooting for 12 teams this year. The rules should be almost identical to last year. Our league is head-to-head with scoring in the following categories: run, hr, rbi, sb, tb, w, save, k, era, whip. The tiebreaker is ERA. Also, note that Total Bases (TB) is part of our scoring as opposed to the usual Batting Average (ave) that you'll find in almost all magazines and web sites that use "5x5" scoring.

We will vote on any rules changes prior to the draft. The only changes I can think of right now are:

That's it for now
play ball... yow, bill

PS - To my dismay, I don't have  last year's draft in computer form... don't know how I screwed that up. If you want to know who you picked and when last year, I have it on a sheet of paper. It'll also be available at the draft, if you like.

PPS - Regarding the PS above, here are two crappy scans of last year's draft selections:

peace... yow, bill