LetsPlay2 2006 Season

extras stats and goodies for the 2006 season

Slow and Steady... Turtle win!

Sep 18, 2006

The streets of Naperville will be crowded during rush hour today... the Turtle win:

LetsPlay2 2006 Champion

Naperville Turtles

Owner: Bill Krieger


The Naperville Turtles won the 2006 LP2 title over the reigning champion Gotham City Golem by the slim margin of the league's first tiebreaker, ERA. Team owner Bill Krieger issued the following statement, "I'm going to light up a Kool, down a couple Ice House and head to school... I've got lecture at 10:30 this morning."


thanks... yow, bill

Sep 11, 2006

Gotham City, Naperville advance... beware the LP2 Finale:

LP2 Championship

Naperville Turtles 5


Gotham City Golems 5
Note: Naperville wins by the first tiebreaker, ERA  

enjoy... yow, bill

Sep 04, 2006

Dat's right... da playoffs.

LP2 Semi-finals

Naperville Turtles 6


Vatican City Popes 4
Gotham City Golems 5


 Plano Tiburon 5

** Note: Gotham City wins by the first tiebreaker, ERA

Last year's playoffs were off the chart ridiculous... silly... outrageous... kool!

This year? Stay tuned. Playoffs are 1 week this year, eh.

rumble... yow, bill

Sep 04, 2006

The regular season is a wrap. Here are the final standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Week
1. Vatican City Popes 113-90-17 .552 - 5-4-1
2. Gotham City Golems 110-89-21 .548 1 5-3-2
3. Plano Tiburon 109-95-16 .532 4.5 4-5-1
4. Naperville Turtles 110-97-13 .530 5 8-2-0
5. southern lumber 109-98-13 .525 6 4-5-1
6. Lagrange River Rats 108-100-12 .518 7.5 5-4-1
7. Northsiders 105-98-17 .516 8 6-4-0
8. Maui Waui 105-100-15 .511 9 5-5-0
9. The Hills Have RBIs 105-102-13 .507 10 5-5-0
10. wicker park winos 95-117-8 .450 22.5 2-8-0
11. coocheyvillecameltoe 86-123-11 .416 30 4-6-0
12. Brooklyn Soup Nazis 81-127-12 .395 34.5 3-5-2

You can quickly inspect the standings and see Naperville sneaking into the playoffs there with a final week 8-2 victory. You can't see that Southern and La Grange were battling each other for that last spot. If either of these teams had mustered a convincing victory, then they would have ganrished a playoff birth (or "birf" as Ty would say).

Lots of fun, odd little statistical quirks in the NIPR numbers. I'll leave it to your perusal.

Here's the spreadsheet with all the raw season stats in it: LetsPlay2 2006 Season Stats

And week by week... or as Bogey would say, as time goes by:

The First Half The Second Half
Week 1 Week 12
Week 2 Week 13
Week 3 Week 14
Week 4 Week 15
Week 5 Week 16
Week 6 Week 17
Week 7 Week 18
Week 8 Week 19
Week 9 Week 20
Week 10 Week 21
Week 11 Week 22

I'll put the regular season to bed with the LP2 All-Star team. The best players at each position, by Yahoo rank:

Pos Player Rank Team
C J Mauer, min 127 Cameltoe
1B R Howard, phi 4 Turtle
2B A Soriano, was 1 Tiburon
3B M Cabrera, fla 20 Soup Nazi
SS J Reyes, nym 5 Pope
OF C Beltran, nym 3 River Rat
OF J Dye, sox 10 Waui
OF Vlad, ana 12 Lumber
Util A Pujols, stl 7 Tiburon
SP Johan!, min 2 River Rat
SP C Zambrano, cub 14 Lumber
RP J Papelbon, bos 6 Turtle
RP J Nathan, min 11 Golem
P C Carpenter, stl 15 Soup Nazi

Honorable mentions go out to:

  • D Ortiz (bos), #8, Pope
  • T Hafner (cle), #9, Golem
  • D Jeter (nyy) #13, The Hills Have RBI
  • F Liriano (min) #16, Tiburon
  • F Rodriguez (ana), #17, Waui
  • M Rivera (nyy), #18, Pope
  • C Lee (tex), #20, Soup Nazi

The LP2 league MVP (I guess he'll do alright in the National League) and #1 Yahoo-ranked player is:

LP2 2006 MVP

Alfonso Soriano, was

Plano Tiburon

104 run, 44 hr, 86 rbi, 36 sb, 331 tb

That is all.

that's enough... yow, bill

May 28, 2006

What better than some spreadsheet shenanigans on a boring Sunday morning? Here's the top 10 or so boppers at each position, ranked by their "Bill $" score. The most important thing about Bill $ is that they throw SB and batting average away... unlike Yahoo. Here's the page and the formula:

Bopping Bill $ Rankings for week 8

Bill $ = (run + rbi + 3*hr + 0.4*tb) / (funky denom)

The funky denominator just normalizes the dollars to around 100... unless you're fucking Albert Poo-holes.

yow, bill

PS - BTW, double Pooholes numbers and on Aug 1 you get: 45 homer, 100 run, 120 rbi, 250 tb... with another 2 months to play. I think not. Sell high, Ange... sell high.

May 07, 2006

I know you want, baby. It only took me like a month into the season, but you know that I'm all stats, all the time. 

And, I humbly introduce the New & Improved Power Rating... the NIPR! I think the NIPR is a little easier to "get" than the old BPR. 

So, the NIPR answers the question, how is my team doing compared to the average team in the league? A score of 100 is average. A score better than 100 means that you're doing better than average. In fact, if your team's NIPR is 110, then your team is 10% better than average. Get it?

I also list 3 specialty NIPRS:

  • BOPPER - calculates your average NIPR for run, hr, rbi, and tb
  • PQUAL - measures "pitching quality" by averaging era and whip
  • PQUAN - measures "pitching quantity" by averaging win and k

Let me know what you think on the LP2 message board,eh.

continue playing ball... yow, bill

Ready... Set...

Mar 26, 2006

Well, the draft went off without a hitch... thanks to all. Here's the payoff:

LetsPlay2 2006 Draft Results

Prior to the draft yesterday, Golem Tommy accepted the LP2 Ernie Banks Cup in recognition of his 2005 LetsPlay2 title:

Golem presented the Ernie Banks Cup by commish Krieger
Golem Tommy waves to his fans and willing thralls

I'll be adding my goofy stats later. Now, it's time to relax with a carton of my favorite mellow smokes, Kool Menthol Cigarrettes. Mmmmmmmmm.

go... yow, bill

LP2 Pre-draft

Mar 9, 2006

Quiz: What was the best moment from last year's draft? The answer is below.

Congrats to Golem Tommy on winning last season... all the fucking kick-me-in-the-groin-and-call-me-sally drama is neatly tucked away in the 2005 season link at the bottom of the page.

Second and more importantly, please join me in welcoming our new sponsor this year, Kool cigarettes. If anything is as cool as the LP2, it's gotta be Kool cigarettes. I am working with the boys over at Kool to see if we can get the "Really Kool Girls" to show up at the draft. I'm on it! And those of you who are fans of our old sponsor, Icehouse Beer, don't get down about this... just light up a Kool, pop the top on a cold Icehouse, and chillax (Denise).

OK, back to business. So we have a little league chaos here, no problemo. We're probably going to have a little league turnover and hopefully some bright new faces, but that's cool. What I do know is that the 2006 LP2 baseball draft will be:

Saturday March 25, 2006
4:00 pm sharp
at Castle BillSkull
[1219 Bonnema Ct. in Naperville]

After that, who knows? I think people were pretty happy with the rules.

  • It'll be 50 bucks to play.
  • It'll be on Yahoo.
  • I think the only change we talked about last year was tweaking the playoff rules so that the championship didn't extend into the last week of real baseball.
  • Based on last year's standings, the draft order is: 1) Hilo/Steve, 2) Ange/Whitesharks, 3) Denise/Coochey, 4) Jerry/Spots, 5) Danny/Ukraine, 6) Eric/Vatican, 7) Bill/Naperville, and 8) Tommy/Gotham. Newbies draft after the 4th spot before Danny, the worst playoff team last year. Get it?
  • Hey, we voted in the straight (non-wrap around) draft order last year. We'll use it again this year.

Email me to reserve your seat at the table, and remember "Strength is weakness. Weakness strength."

peace out... yow, bill

PS - I think I've already blown out my green retina cones on this background color. Jeez. Plan B?

PPS - Quiz Answer: The best moment was when Ian Tucker, drafting for Steve, selected Bartolo Colon in the 5th round to an unrestrained round of laughter and taunting. Well, Ian and Steve had the last laugh as Colon was a top 10 pitcher and a nice pickup in the 5th.