Week 13 Update

June 30, 2008

With Shosty’s #7 rumbling the castle walls, I humbly present the week 13 LP3 NIPR stats:

Leningrad architecture

Some interesting moves this week. The Poap completed his ascent to the top of the “Pitching Quality” (PQUAL) rankings. And he did it with some flare, setting season best marks in ERA (1.26) and Whip (0.82).

Monday morning trivia. What do the Athletic, White Sock, Blue Jay, and D-Ray (yeah, F you… they’re still the D-Ray to me) have in common?

Well, those are the top ERA pitching staffs in the league. They all also happen to have a better staff ERA and Whip than the average in our league (ERA 3.79 and Whip 1.29). So, I don’t understand a couple things:

  • Why are the top 4 pitching staffs in the league from the AL? [Sidebar: does this mean we can get rid of the DH now?]
  • Why is the LP3 average so high? We’re a little higher than last year even, but with fewer teams.

It’s such a wonderful, sunny Monday morning… and for the first time in memory a little Planet face shone out at me on the “Hot Fantasy Performers” list in Yahoo. Thanks Bobby Abreu for the sugar and the tiny D-ray of hope. [He he. D-Ray. Get it.]

more coffee… yow, bill

PS - Shosty


Week 12 Update

June 26, 2008


Cub sweep Sock at Wrigley. Ryan Dempster added the exclamation point, shutting the Sock down on Sunday night baseball. Cha!

woot… yow, bill

Ryan Dempster beating the Sock on Sunday night baseball

Week 11 update

June 16, 2008

Yo yo yo,

Week 11:

The Mini-Cub continue to roll, as do the “real” Cub with the best record in all of baseball at 45-25.

woot… yow, bill
Cub win. Cub win. Cub win.

Week 10 Update

June 9, 2008


The little dogs (er, um, Killer Maltese III) ascended to first place biting the Mini-Cub in the ankle 8-1.

The KM3 numbers are ridiculous: 120 TB, 40 run, 40 rbi, 11 HR, and even 6 steals a week. These numbers are clearly unsustainable. Didn’t I say that like 6 weeks ago?


The little dogs visit the Planet in week 11. Stay tuned.

woof… yow, bill

Week 9 Update

June 2, 2008


The Real Cub just finished a 7-0 homestand and lead the bigs with a 36-21 record. The Mini-Cub lead the LP3 with a 45-31-4 record, and the boys haven’t lost in 5 weeks.

huzzah… yow, bill

Week 8 Update

May 27, 2008


Week 8 stats: week08.htm

And, the raw season stats so far: season_stats.htm

run… yow, bill

Bill Krieger?

Week 7 stats… the week of Soriano

May 19, 2008

Ty swings his bat like thisHere are the week 7 stats: week07.htm

Alfonso Soriano of the real Cub and the Mini-Cub had as good a week as I have seen: 10 run,  7 homer, 14 rbi, and 39 TB.

An equally amazing stat is the muscle-bound numbers the KM3 continue to put up this year. After 6 weeks, a quarter of the season, the tiny dogs are averaging per week: 38 run, 11 homer, 38 rbi, and 120 TB. Each and every one of these would smash the existing LP3 record.

To give you an idea of how out of whack these numbers are, if KM3 continues this pace for the rest of the season (woof), his average player will look like this: Joe AverageKM3 - 110 run, 32 homer, 110, rbi, and (most outrageous of the bunch) 345 TB. No way.

Well, when A-Rod finally returns to the Yankee lineup, maybe KM3’s numbers will come back to Earth. He he!

Ty lets go of his bat after swinging like ole Alfonso over there. Excellent.

cub win… yow, bill

Week 6 stats

May 13, 2008

Hey all,

Enjoy stats from week 6: week06.htm

And raw data for the season: season_stats.htm

thanks… yow, bill

Week 5 update

May 5, 2008

First off, here’s the goods:

The NIPR loves the Planet, followed by the Illini. Naperville has assumed the league lead in 3 of the 5 pitching categories, but ranks dead last in bopping. The Fighting Illini present a more balanced attacked and is ranked 2nd in pitching and 2nd in hitting.

The KM3 is the anti-Planet… the tiny dogs are killing the baseball and are easily the bopping-est team. Unfortunately, the Killer Maltese are also ranked dead last in pitching and are worst in the league in 4/5 categories.

The game of the week was KM3’s 7-3 victory over the Cryoteds. Not that the contest was all that exciting, rather it featured a display of each team’s tiny dog mascot. So, you can log this as Annabelle 1, Gracie 0.

Of course, these tiny, fluffy dogs are quite the setback for our manly league. If you’re going to go with a small dog, I recommend the schipperke. It’s all black, large teeth, quite mental… and dislikes all living creatures. Now, there’s an angry dog!

woof… yow, bill
Angry schipperke

Better late than Rich Hill

May 3, 2008

Hey, that title’s pretty funny. I was trying to read Lou’s lips as he strolled out to the mound to relieve Mr. Hill of his duties in the 1st flipping inning. I could have sworn he took the ball from Rich the Crybaby and said, “Now go home and get your f’ing shinebox. ” Rich Hill has the backbone of a left-wing blogger.

Anyway, here are the weekly updates that I have miss so far:

  • Week2… remember that we (as in the royal Yahoo we) skipped week 1 because our draft was held after the Red Sock/Athletic trip to Japan. week02.htm
  • Week 3… week03.htm
  • Week 4… week04.htm

If you’re new (Illini boy), then these weekly updates are here primarily to sate my nerdy fetish for numbers. The Bill’s Power Rating (BPR) has evolved into the New, Improved Power Rating (NIPR). You can read some more about it here: www.williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/bpr.htm

Some highlights from our first 4 (3, sir!), um, 3 weeks of the season:

  • Now, I’m an ole dinosaur Illini, and I’ve never met the lad, but the new guy is kind of bugging me already. The Fighting Illini lead the league with an unfathomable 41.7 rbi a week. Do the math, and that puts the average Illini bopper at 120 RBI for the season. Yikes! The Illini are the NIPR’s #1 team.
  • The S9 lead the league in ERA and Whip, for now.
  • That little dog team, KM3, a knocking the heck out of the ball. I keep hoping my numbers are wrong or something because how can one team lead in homers, total bases and stolen bases…. all without a peep from A-Rod most of the season.

I guess that weird stuff will happen with an 8-man squad.

Hey, do me a favor and leave a comment.

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PS - What? I amuse you!

Get your shinebox, Rich Hill