Draft results

LetsPlay3 Fantasy Baseball

Draft results

LetsPlay3   LP3 2010

Mar 2010

Shout out

Wow. Great draft with a special shout out to:

  • Our secretary: The Poap

  • Our newbies: Woodridge Eric and Kevin

  • The kids Ty, Justin, & Myles: for being cool for 3 hours

  • Killer Brad: for drafting over the phone... tough tough tough

Trophy Presentation

Of course, we started the draft bowing low to last year's champion (and our better in every way), Chris the Commish, head taskmaster of the KGG Nine. Wanna see? Here are photos of Chris accepting the prestigious LetsPlay3 trophy on behalf of the KGG organization from commissioner Krieger.

KGG Nine - 2009 LP3 Champion

Congrats Chris!

The results

And finally, the results are in!

LetsPlay3 2010 Draft Results (pdf)

peace... yow, bill




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