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LetsPlay3   LP3 2010

The LP3 playoffs... excellent.

Round1: Semi-finals

Ah, the playoffs... yum yum.

Congrats to our 4 playoff combatants: KGG, Mini-Commish, the frozen head, and the Brawler.

LetsPlay3 2010 Playoffs


The KGG and Mini-Commish both dominated their respective playoff games and move on to the Championship round:


Round 2: Championship

The Martin boys face off in the first-ever father-son title match.

LP3 2010 Championhip round

Both teams are red hot, so this should be an excellent title run. There's a lot on the line for each squad. KGG is attempting the first back-to-back titles in LP3 history, and the Mini-Commish are trying to become the first kid to win the coveted LP3 crown.

Good luck, men!

Mini-Commish win... 2010 LP3 Champion!

And the winner is...

2010 LetsPlay3 Champion


Owner: Justin

Justin is our league's youngst champion ever. The Mini-Commish also had the most dominant playoff run in LP3 history with his 8-0 win over the CryoTed, and then 7-1 bashing of the KGG in the finale.

Mini-Commishes 7, KGG 2010 1 (boxscore)

Mini-Commish win!

The Mini-Commish's remarkable run was led by superstar SS, Troy Tulowitzki. In the two playoff weeks, Tulo's tally was:

  • Tulo = 18 run, 12 homer, 42 rbi, and 59 TB 


Congrats to KGG and the Commish on another great season. 

And congrats to Justin on his first title. Great job, Justin!

next year... yow, bill




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