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Regular season

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I update my aux stats every week... usually on Monday. This page includes these sections:

  1. Raw season stats
  2. Weekly NIPR
  3. LP3 2010 All-stars
  4. Final regular season standings
  5. 2010 All-LP3 team
enjoy... yow, bill

1. Raw season stats

The first thing I have is the raw season stats... just all 10 hitting/pitching categories for each week's action:

2010 Season Stats (season_stats.pdf)

2. Weekly NIPR

The standings show how well your team is doing head-to-head. But how is your team doing statistically. I offer a more roto approach to the league with the NIPR (New and Improved Power Rating) metric. The NIPR shows how your team is doing compared to league averages in each category and overall.


This stuff is pretty obscure, so if you have any questions, the please email me,

cub win... yow, bill

3. LP3 2010 All-stars

Jul 12, 2010

Here we at the MLB All-Star break... time for some tasty LP3 All-Stars... the best Yahoo-ranked lineup. Huzzah!

CM Olivo (col)Rookie104Huh?!?
1BM-Carb (det)Mini-Commish1Drafted in 3rd round!
2BR Cano (nyy)Killer Maltese13
3BD Wright (nym)Brawler12He's baaaack
SSHanley (fla)Brawler20Brawler IF 1-2 punch
OFC Crawford (tam)Poap231 SB
OFJosh (tex)Rookie3213 TB
OFVlad (tex)
Plat8Nice 14th round pick
DHJ Votto (cin)Poap9Voted in by LP3 fans

Vlad in round 14 is a nice pickup. So too, was M Olivo being snarfed by the Rookie off the scrap heap on May 20. Who'd a-thunk?

Some honorable mentions: 

  • A Pujols (stl), French Fry, #10
  • C Gonzalez (col)  KGG #11 
  • A Rios (sox), Brawler, #14
  • J Morneau (min), Rookie, #16

And the pitchin':

SPA Wainwright (stl)Mini-Commish4
SPJ Johnson (fla)Watchmen5Early season LP3 trade
RPB Wagner (atl)Brawler2956 K in 37 IP
RPMariano (nyy)Watchmen520.64 Whip
PUbaldo (col)Poap69th round pick

B Wagner was a round 12 selection and was about the zillionth closer taken. 

Honorable mentions:

  • R Halladay (phi), Watchmen, #7
  • M Latos (sdg), KGG, #15
  • J Lester (bos), KGG, #17
  • Cliff Lee (tex), Brawler, #21
And in case you didn't catch that... the AS break MVP is:
M Cabrera (det), Mini-Commish, #1

64 run, 22 homer, 77 rbi, 203 tb

That's it. On to the home stretch!

4. Final regular season standings

Final regular season LP3 2010 standings:

LetsPlay3 Final 2010 Steason Standings

Congrats to all on a great season.

Now, on to the playoffs, baby!

Oops... one more thing.

5. 2010 All-LP3 team

Enjoy the best Yahoo-ranked lineup for the entire season. Huzzah!

CJ Mauer, min71Killer Maltese
1BM Cabrera, det3Mini-Commish
2BR Cano, nyy11Killer Maltese
3BJ Bautista, tor10FIERCE FRENCH FRY
SSHanley. fla14Bay City Brawler
OFJosh Hamilton, tex1Rookie
OFC Gonzalez, col2KGG 2010
OFC Crawford, tam9Vatican City Pope
DHJ Votto, cin5Vatican City Pope
SPDoc Halladay, phi4Watchmen
SPA Wainwright, stl7Mini-Commish
RPB Wagner, atl27Bay City Brawler
RPR Soriano, tam41Mini-Commish
PKing Felix, sea8Bay City Brawler

So, you can see him in bold there... the LP3 2010 MVP, selected by the Rookie in the 7th round, is:


LP3 2010 MVP

Josh Hamilton, Rookie

94 run, 31 homer, 97 rbi, 8 sb, 322 tb (on Sep 5)


Also of note in the All-LP3 list... C Gonzalez was taken by the KGG in round 14 of the draft, and shoot, the league's home run leader, J Bautista, was grabbed by the FRENCH FRY off the scrap heap. Yow!

A couple of honorable mentions... 1B was loaded this year: Pujols (6) FRENCH FRY, Konerko (13) Brawler, and Tex-Mex (20) Taylormade. Also of note, A Rios (15) Brawler and E Longoria (18) KGG. On the pitching side, the almost best include: M Latos (12) KGG, Ubaldo (16) Pope, Josh Johnson (17) Watchmen, and T Hudson (19) KGG.

now, the playoffs... yow, bill



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