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2nd base, The Regular Season

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Quiz: Of course, Rickey Henderson is the all-time stolen base leader. Who is second?

Answer is at the bottom.

Final Standings

Here are the final standings for the 2011 regular season.

LetsPlay3 2011 Final Standings


Every week I copy/paste the game stats from Yahoo to Open Office. Here's that raw data: season_stats.pdf

And every week, I also calculate the standings and a bunch of other fun stats. Go!

play ball... yow, bill






Quiz answer: Lou Brock is 2nd all-time in SB. That's all good, but Rickey ain't worried. He's all alone at the top of the heap, a whopping 468 steals ahead of Lou Brock.

Source: MLB all-time SB leaders 

Lou Brock, ex-Cub (he he)

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