1967 Randy Hundley

Advice & Links

Three great catchers.

Johnny Bench and Thurman Munson up top, and Randy Hundley to the right. Awesome!

Newbie Advice

Here's a newbie story for you. We had a no-show to the draft prior to the 2008 season. So, we let the kids (Ty, Justin, Myles) draft their own team for the first time. They called themselves the Chicago Cub (dop) and they loaded up with Cubs on their team. We oldsters guffawed... until the All-Star break. The kids were riding high and in first place. Now, both the real and fantasy Cub collapsed in the second half, but the point is that even newbies can compete in fantasy baseball.

The boys at the 2008 draft
The boys drafting for the first time in 2008

There is only one rule for newbies: relax and have fun.

Other than that, print a list of players, ranked by whatever, and bring it to the draft. When you draft, we'll help. After 14 rounds, you'll want to have a complete team (9 hitters and 5 pitchers). In the later rounds, you can draft a bench. No problemo.

Some links

First, here are the big daddies. The biggest sites have advice, rankings, projections, etc.

Our Yahoo league is another good source. Go to our page (baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/letsplay3) and click on players.

Here are some specialty sites that I really like:

Many of these sites have "cheat sheets". That's a nice newbie option... all your players on one page. You can google "fantasy baseball cheat sheet" to get a zillion options as well.

Magazines are a lot of fun, if you want to drop $7-8. I have never paid for a website's stuff.

enjoy... yow, bill