LetsPlay3 Fantasy Baseball - 2008 Season

Sep 15, 2008

That's a wrap.

Congrats to, well, to me:

LP3 2008 Champion

Naperville Planets, owner: Bill Krieger


You can find this stuff in the blog files below, but for convenience:


I have copied the crappy blog for the season here posterity or to take up disk space or something:

  1. blog01.htm

  2. blog02.htm

  3. blog03.htm


See ya next year.

su-weet... yow, bill

PS - Hey Fukudome (below)... nice 9 dingers and 54 lousy rbi. That ain't worth $10M, Mr. Roboto.


March 12, 2008

Ah, the comfort of the crappy yellow pad web page with it's Verdana font and middle finger to CSS and progress around the globe.


The 2008 Season

I'm trying out a new blog site for the 2008 ("will be great") season.The new Japanese guy on the Cub

Check it out at: http://letsplay3.wordpress.com


I was going to dedicate this season to Mark Prior, but I forgot about him.

So yes, this LP3 season is dedicated to the man to the right there. The Japanese guy the Cub signed. You know, that OF guy. I can't remember his name, and it ain't right to butcher it here before he's even started being a bust for our beloved North-siders. 

Other than being a big star in Japan, the Japanese guy on the Cub's claim to fame is that he's not nearly as good as Ichiro or God-zirra. Ha!

go deep... yow, bill