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The LP3 2017 draft will be:

                 Sat Apr 1 @ 3:00pm at The Castle

Please come early (2:00pm) for food, free beer, and human contact.
MLB Opening Day is the day after, Sun Apr 2. 

Here's the draft order, location and medium:
	1) Ed; Cambridge, UK; chatzy
	2) Janny; Silicon Valley, CA; chatzy
	3) Brad; Bronx, NY; list
	4) Tommy the Jag; Arizona; list
	5) Luis; Naperville; castle
	6) RBI Ry; Plano; castle
	7) Mark + Jax; Plainfield; chatzy
	8) CRYO-Jay; Streamwood; chatzy
	9) Angeero; Plano; castle
	10) Rob; Aurora; castle 
	11) TY; Naperville; castle
	12) Bill; Naperville castle
	13) Commish; South Carolina; chatzy
	14) Eric S; Geneva; castle

Yes, we are going international this year.
I predict in less than a decade, we'll have someone drafting from space... or Mars. (he he)

Print this out for draft day - my Draft Sheet Template: draft_sheet_template.pdf

Need help with fantasy baseball research?
My two BIG daddies are: 1) FantasyPros and 2) Razzball.
FantasyPros - consensus rankings and projections of dozens of "experts".
Razzball - projections++ and the funniest posts in the land!

A new source: Twitter. You don't need to join Twitter to access and search it. 
Try #fantasybaseball on Twitter


We'll vote on these rules changes prior to the draft... as one bundle to make things quicker and easier.

    1) Playoff teams for the previous season get 18 moves during the regular season, not 25.
       Non-playoff teams and new teams will still get 25 moves.
       This does not impact moves during the playoffs. All playoff teams get 1 new move per playoff week.

    2) We will draft 16 rounds live, the day of the draft.
       The final 4 rounds will be done on the Monday through Thursday following the draft, one round per day.
       Non-playoff teams can make their choice at any time during the day.
       Playoff teams from the previous year must wait till noon to choose.

    3) If a team has run out of moves and can't field a team because of injuries, then that team
       can select a player off the scrap heap, with the help of the Commissioner.
       If/When an injured player returns, the newly added player must be returned to the heap.
       This rule does not apply to the playoffs.

    4) If a team is absent/unresponsive, then the Commissioner will ensure that a complete lineup is fielded.
       This means replacing an injured player in the starting lineup either by swapping in a bench player or 
       grabbing a player off the scrap heap. The Commissioner will use the "Last 30 Days" Yahoo-rank to select a 
       replacement player.


The draft chatzy room was: www.chatzy.com/12168085910495.
I heart chatzy.

The most popular feature of this year's draft by far... 
Killer Maltese and his ultimate fantasy weapon. The Wheel of Decision!

The rules changes above were all voted in. Huzzah!

Yahoo draft results, by round: 
Rounds 1-3 ~ Rounds 4-6 ~ Rounds 7-9 ~ Rounds 10-12 ~ Rounds 13-15 ~ Rounds 16

Eric draft results, by team:
eric1.jpg ~ eric2.jpg ~ eric3.jpg

Rounds 17-20 happen on the league site over the next 4 days: Sun-Wed.

Good draft.
And... Good luck!
thanks... yow, bill