LetsPlay3 2017 - Draft page

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First things first... our reigning champion and better in every way: Eric of the Vatican City Pope.
champ1.jpg ~ champ2.jpg

Champion QOTD
"Let's make this league great again."
- Eric S


Here are team selfies (pretty much) in draft order. Excellent!

		Boston Poindexter, Ed, boston_ed.jpg

		Bay City Brawler, Janny, brawler_janny.jpg

		Killer Maltese, Brad, killer_maltese_brad1.jpg ~ Let's play: Where's Brad?

		Okay Team, Tommy, okay_team_tommy1.jpg ~ okay_team_tommy2.jpg

		Legit Team, Luis, legit_team_luis.jpg
		RBI All Day, Ryan, rbi_ry.jpg

		People of Plainfield, Mark + Jackson, plainfield_mark_jax.jpg
		CRYOGENIC TED, Jay, CRYO_jay.jpg

		Plano Tiburon, Angeero, plano_ange.jpg

		Notorious Beard, Rob, beard_rob.jpg

		Planet Bandit, TY18, planet_bandit_ty.jpg ~ ty_art_shot.jpg

		Naperville Roses, Bill, naperville_bill.jpg
		KGG, Chris the Commish, kgg_chris_the_commish.jpg

		Vatican City Pope, Eric, vat_city_eric.jpg


Extra pics. Extra fun.

Half homage, half protest...
The Beard's photo essay is powerful. It's entitled: Human Contact.
Jay, Commish ~ Ed, Brad, Janny

A personal favorite of mine: Yahoo's "Begin Season" message. 
I get this after entering all the draft picks into Yahoo. Yes, it feels good. (smile)

This is my immature lashing out at yet another Brawler beating (yabb)... 
It's Darth Brawler and her unlimited power!

More coming soon. I hope!
thanks... yow, bill