LetsPlay3 Fantasy Baseball - 2017 Season

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** FUN **

Here's some fun kismet... revolving around 18 home runs.
NotMike Stanton and the 1917 Chicago White Sox were featured in the regular season and playoff pages, respectively. 
Here's the kismet part:

  + The 1917 world champion White Sox tallied 18 home runs as a team over the whole season. (1917 Sox on baseball reference)

  + NotMike Stanton hit 18 home runs this August. (NotMike on yahoo)


Well, 2017 was good season. Maybe not great. But still quite good.
Our sister league, the MLB, was amazing this year with so much young talent that it's hard to keep up.
For us, it's wonderful to see a new champion in 2017. Huzzah to Sir Edward of Cambridge on his first title!

The big rule change worked well. We reduced the number of moves for playoff teams from 25 to 18, and that had a real impact.
It's harder than ever to repeat in LetsPlay3, and I think that's a good thing.

Here's some real fun and positivity... our LetsPlay3 field trip to the Sock game in June: sock_game.jpg.


We do have some problems to work through in 2018.

  1) MLB has changed with the 7/10 day DL, and we need to change too. How? I don't know.

  2) We're losing our youth. Prediction: next year we'll lose our last 2 young guys (TY and Luis). What does it mean? I don't know.

  3) Trades seem out of control. I was protested over a trade this year (pfft, if you can believe it). 
     Owners have called out other owners. We've got people gaming other owners in trades. And so on.
     Somehow, we need to change the culture of trades. In 2017, the negative voices were too loud for my taste.

  4) Most importantly, we're losing any element of human contact™ in LetsPlay3.
     Live draft attendance is dwindling. I mean... I get it. People are busy. And we're international now, for jiminy sake.
     Maybe we can use Facetime or some tech to help us during the draft. I don't know.
     During the season, it's really tough to get people together. Or even comment on the Facebook page.
     The Sock game happened, but only with a mighty effort.
     Without human contact™, are we all that different than any old ESPN league of random doofs?

I am zen about the future of LP3... which is a change for me. (he he) Getting older... but it's good.
I'll advocate a culture of positivity and human contact™, but I won't push hard. 
Hopefully, improvements will happen organically.

Let's Play Three!
thanks... yow, bill

	1969 Cub infield: Santo, Kessinger, Beckert, Ernie