Payton34 Fantasy Football League

... en homage to the greatest RB of all time ...

Go get those bananas, we won

Congrats to:

2006 Payton34 Champions

Plainfield Gorillaz

& owner Mark Krieger

Led the league in scoring... LT, Carson Palmer, Westbrook... gawd-awful receivers, but not much to bitch about. You can check out the playoff boxscores below.

Hopefully, I'll see y'all next year, or even better... in March, for baseball!

next year... yow, bill


Here they come, spinning out of the turn

Friday Dec 22, 2006

Funny how losing and watching the playoffs from the sideline kills my attention span. So be it!

Der playoffs:

Semifinal Round Championship Payton34
2006 Champion!
Kelly Green Guys 51
Plainfield Gorillaz 53
[ boxscore ]
    The Commodore 64's 44
Plainfield Gorillaz 51
[ boxscore ]
Plainfield Gorillaz
Mark Krieger
The Commodore 64's 78
Sweet Georgia Brown 49
[ boxscore ]

enjoy... yow, bill

PS - Oops. Forgot. Enjoy, tasty final regular-season scoring stats for all players in our league: 

Final Player Scoring Stats


A new page

Saturday Nov 25, 2006

Hey all y'all, check out the latest, greatest: Team Photo Page

enjoy... yow bill


P34...  up and running

Tuesday Oct 3, 2006

Hey all y'all, here's the season standings, week by week:

Week 1 Week 6 Week 11
Week 2 Week 7 Week 12
Week 3 Week 8 Week 13
Week 4 Week 9 Week 14
Week 5 Week 10
Season database


yow, bill


Monday Sep 4, 2006

Hey, happy Labor Day. I heard an interview with some politician guy on the way home last night. He was basing his campaign on redacting the W tax cut and strengthening the presence of unions in Illinois. Interesting. I wonder if he's also in favor of the steam-powered engine and the abacus.

Anyway, I fogot something from yesterday. Here's our team/owner list (in draft order).

Team Owner
Kelly Green Guys Chris "the Commish" Martin
Plainfield Gorillaz Mark Krieger
Sweet Georgia Brown Brian Krieger
Killer Maltese Brad Siroky
The Lawn Rangers Daryl Z
Elk Grove Cougars Moz Krieger
America's Team Eric "The Poap" Schoonover
Naperville SithLords "Young" Bill Krieger
Gurrrrrlachers Jay Cervenka
The Commodore 64s Rob Triol

We have two long-distance teams: SGB and the Maltese. Since some newbies are unfamiliar with these fine fellows, I thought...

SGB is owned by my brother Brian. He lives in Tempe on the campus of Arizona State University, Back in the day, Brian bore a striking resemblance to REO front man Kevin Cronin. Brian peddles mortgages for a living.

Maltese Brad lives in New York City with his new bride and tiny dog. Brad plays trumpet for a living... yes, he is f'ing awesome. Brad looks quite a bit like Jimmy Neutron in non-cartoon form. 

Something like this maybe...

Kevin Cronin or Brian Krieger?
Brad Siroky... in cartoon form

Sorry Bri. Brad. If I was half as funny as I thought I was...

is it thursday yet... yow, bill


Sunday Sep 3, 2006Walter's trademark high-knee stutter step, stiff-arm at the ready!

Hey Lads,

The draft went off yesterday without a hitch. Two draft lists, one phone drafter, and my crappy team to select... longest two hours of my life. My head hurts, but so be it!

The draft results are here:

Payton34 2006 Draft Results

Here's a checklist for you newbie (and old-timer) owners:

  • Post some shit on the league message board. Try it... you'll like it.
  • Set your roster before the first game each week.
  • You get 16 moves during the season... email me if you get stuck trying to make a move
  • We'll have to get together some the Sunday games at least once during the season... check the board for details.

I may or may not keep some auxiliary stats here at this site. Football doesn't lend itself to a lot of introspection, ala baseball. We'll see. I'll certainly memorialize our final standings and playoffs and such.

That's about it. Enjoy and I'll see you soon.

go deep... yow, bill

PS - Hey Brad... Brett Favray called and he want's his vicodin back. He he!