If you're going to follow along, then you'll need a scorecard... and our Yahoo league:


Everything for this season is here on this page (I think). So, you can just scroll down. Or you can turbo to a section or subsection by spinning the dial.

thanks... yow, bill


Draft day is set...

  • What - Payton34 2016 fantasy football draft

  • When - Sat Sep 3, 2016 @ 4:00 pm... come early at 3:00 for free beer, food and draft advice (ha)

  • Where - The Castle

If you can't make it in person, then you can either 1) draft online using chatzy or 2) send me a list. I'll email our specific chatzy URL on draft day. If you need to draft by list, please email me.

League Expansion

We voted to expand the league to 16 teams this year. It's an experiment. Let the recruiting begin. I'll start with baseball owners in LetsPlay3 and work from there.

We'll also try Yahoo's divisions setup. I'm winging it, but here's my best shot:

  • Yahoo's explanation help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN6520.html
  • We'll roll with 2 divisions. (we need some division names by draft day)
  • During the regular season, teams will play each team in their division. That's 7 games. That means that you have 6 games outside your division.
  • Teams will be placed in divisions at random. (unless we have a better idea on draft day)
  • We'll still have 6 playoff spots. The division winners will get the 2 bye weeks. The remaining 4 playoff teams will come from the overall standings.

I found this Yahoo tooltip explanation of divisions and the playoffs, too.

Division winners advance and are assigned top seeds:
The winners of each division will advance to the playoffs as the top seeds and the overall top division winner will be the #1 seed. All other playoff teams will be determined by overall standings regardless of division results.

With 16 teams, we'll roll with 12 rounds on draft day. After that, each team will select their final 2 players from the scrap heap. We'll workout the details on draft day.

Draft order

Draft order is generally determined by the reverse your position in the standings last year. Lottery teams come first. Then newbies. Finally, playoffs teams draft last and playoff record is used. It's worst first in all cases, except newbies where it's first come, first served.

Here you go: Team, Owner, Draft method.

  1. The Cardiac Comeback, Rob, castle
  2. Butler Jet, Ryan, chatzy
  3. Cambridge Maths, TY, castle
  4. Melonville LaRue, Eric S, chatzy
  5. Springfield Atom, Ed, castle
  6. Miami Mini, Justin, list
  7. Busboomer, Ryan RBI, list     ** newbie **
  8. Legit Team, Luis, list     ** newbie **
  9. Van Buren Jag, Tom, list
  10. KGG, Commish, chatzy
  11. Streamwood Stream, CRYO-Jay, castle
  12. Dak to the Future, Myles, chatzy
  13. Naperville, Bill, castle
  14. Plano Tib, Angeero (your better in every way... again!), castle

Fun research

If you're research-impaired for some reason, here are some fun links.

Fantasy Pros is my favorite site because they give consensus rankings of a zillion different "experts"; www.fantasypros.com/nfl/

ESPN is not my favorite, but they have some OK lists and articles; www.espn.com/fantasy/football/. They do have some nice 1-page cheat sheets: 2016 fantasy football cheat sheets

These FFtoday guys like using tiers to group players with a comparable ranking. www.fftoday.com/rankings/

FleaFlicker is a weird site but weird is good if it allows you to escape the gravity of how everyone and their mother ranks players. www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/cheat-sheet

Of course, your best solution... google fantasy football cheat sheet

thanks... yow, bill

The Draft

The 2016 draft was held on Sat Sep 3, 2016. Huzzah!

Your Better in Every Way

Our two-time champ was in attendance and holding court. Bow down to the Plano Tiburon. Angeero!

Ange walked in the door carrying his cellphone and a bottle of jack. "Where's my list, Krieger!" he bellowed. "Print me a list. I've got some winning to do."

Will the Plano Tibron three-peat this year? Follow the Payton34 action this year and find out.

Pics below — P34 Commish Krieger awards Angeero the coveted Payton34 trophy... once again!

Angeero. Champion! Angeero. Champion!

Draft results

We went 12 rounds. Round 13 and 14 will be held on Tue and Wed, right off the scrap heap.

We were going to run with 16 teams for the first time. But we had technical difficulties with the Lawn Ranger and Harper Hawks. Hopefully, these two long-time franchises will be back next year!

Much thanks to Jay, our league scribe and the best penmanship this side of the DuPage River. Jay's draft notes are below, team-by-team:

Jay draft notes Jay draft notes Jay draft notes

Here's my grab of the Yahoo draft results, which are round-by-round.

Yahoo draft notes Yahoo draft notes Yahoo draft notes Yahoo draft notes Yahoo draft notes

Owner profiles

Ok, 14 owners. Let's see if I can do this in one long paragraph.

I'm Bill (Naperville), the commish of Payton34. TY (Cambridge) is my son. Ed (Springfield) is my son-in-law. Long, long, long-time Bill-friends include Rob (Cardiac), Eric (Melonville), Jay (Streamwood), and Angeero (Plano). Myles (the Dak) is Eric's son. Ry RBI (Busboomer) is Angeero's friend. I know Chris Commish (KGG) from North Central College when he stole my office (ha). Justin (Miami) is KGG's son. Ryan (Butler) is KGG's brother. I know Tom (Jag) from St Ethelreda School and Sharing Connections. And our newest owner is Luis (Legit), a friend from North Central College.

How's that? (snort)

Much better... some fun owner pics, so you know who's beating your brains in each week.

Owners: Bill and TY
Naperville Puppies (Bill) and Cambridge Maths (TY), from P34 draft HQ
Owner: Rob
The Cardiac Comeback (Rob, Syd the kyd), the braun and the brains
Owner: Jay
Streamwood Steamer (Jay), Coors Light and some artwork
Owner: Ed
Springfield Atom (Ed), drafting from the league bar area
Owner: Justin
Miami Mini (Justin), the coolest in Miami
Owner: Chris
KGG Football (Chris Commish), ideal draft location in SC
Owner: Angeero
Plano Tiburon (Angeero), "Back to back baby!"
Owner: Luis
Legit Team (Luis), go North Central!
Owner: Tom H
Van Buren Jaguar (Tom), Wheaties and winning at Jag HQ
Owner: Ry Butler
Butler Jet (Ryan), J.E.T.S. Jets, Jets, Jets
Owner: Ry RBI
Busboomer (Ryan RBI), second in beard... first in victory!

Woah. What a gnarly group. Ha!

Let the games begin!
thanks... yow, bill

Regular Season

Away we go! Regular season stats, standings and the All-P34 team.

Some extra stats

I started these (minimal/bogus) stats last year with the CRYO-JAY scoring change ™. It's mostly just low and high scores each week and some season averages and what not.

Payton34 2016 - Some season stats

This stat page shows the top-scoring player at each position for each week.

Top players each week

Final standings

Here are the final standings for the 2016 regular season.

Finals regular season standings
2016 Payton34 regular season - final standings

All-Payton34 Team

These are the top Yahoo players at each position, eh.

Pos Player (NFL team) Team Points
QB Aa Rodgers (gnb) Plano Tiburon 263
WR Antonio Brown (pit) Buttler Jett 165
WR Mike Evans (tam) Streamwood Streamer 164
RB David Johnson (ari) Streamwood Streamer 247
RB EZ Elliott (dal) Busboomer 226
TE G Olsen (car); J Graham (sea); D Walker (ten) Naperville; Jag; Cardiac 98
Flex Mel Gordon (sdg) Melonville LaRue 199
K Just Tucker (bal) Naperville Puppie 100
Def Kansas City Cardiac Comeback 94

Honorable mention goes to: RB Dem Murray (ten) Melonville LaRue 194 points; WR Julio Jones (atl) Melonville LaRue 149 points; TE Travis Kelce (kan) Busboomer 97 points; Minnesota defense (min) Melonville LaRue 82 points.

And your 2016 MVP is:

Aa Rodgers (gnb)
Plano Tiburon!
P34 MVP - Aa Rodgers
2016 Payton34 MVP - Aa Rodgers, Plano Tibs

Zee Playoffs!

You can beat playoff excitement. Zee playoffs!

Playoffs Bracket

Thanks for the bracket Yahoo.

Yahoo's playoff bracket
2016 Payton34 playoff bracket

Wildcard Round

The top two teams during the regular season are "gone fishin" with a playoff bye this week: #1 Melonville LaRue and #2 Naperville Puppies.

That leaves teams #3 through #6 to fight like crazed hyenas.

  • Plano Tiburon 74, Streamwood Streamer 68   [boxscore]
    The reigning champions win in a see-saw battle!

  • Cardiac Comeback 72, Cambridge Maths 69   [boxscore]
    The Comeback live up to their name, winning on an O'Dell Beckham TD late Sunday night.

Wow! Two great games in the wildcard round. And two great upset victories. Plano's dream of a threepeat stays alive with a visit to Naperville in the next round.

Congrats to #3 Streamwood and #4 Cambridge on great seasons!


The Semis

The bye week is over, and the big boys are back. Away we go... The Semis!

  • Cardiac Comeback 67, Melonville LaRue 62   [boxscore]
    The Cardiac attack ousts #1 seed Melonville in a thriller!

  • Naperville Puppies 97, Plano Tiburon 81   [boxscore]
    Plano's threepeat dream is dashed by high-scoring Naperville.

Excellent games!

hut... yow, bill

Semi tractor truck

Championship Round

For all the $$$.

  • Naperville Puppies 89, Cardiac Comeback 69   [boxscore]
    QB Russell Wilson leads Naperville to the Payton34 title with a stunning 33 points.

That's right. The Puppies say ruf, ruf!

2016 Payton34 Champions
Naperville Puppies, owner: WilliamT

Yahoo champion banner

The Cardiac finished dead last in 2015. This is the first time a last place team has ascended to the championship round the next year. Nice turnaround! Indeed, Caesar's Sportsbook has posted 5-to-4 odds on a Naperville-Cardiac finals rematch in 2017. We shall see.

It's another title for the Fantasy Death Star ™ that is the Naperville franchise. This is the third Payton34 championship for Naperville, its first since 2010.

championship... yow, bill

Trophy guys

Another fun year

Dang, that was another fun year!

I think we're strong. This Payton34 league. We have a 14 good teams, and we were a whisker away from expanding to 16 teams this year. (remember that draft day drama? ha!)

Love the league. Love you guys... manly men all! I'll see everyone next year. Actually, I'll see most of you in 3 months for the baseball draft. And fucking huzzah to that! (he he!)

sweetness... yow, bill

PS - About next season

Oh, about next season... here's the draft order: 1. Luis Legit, 2. KGG, 3. Tommy The Jag, 4. Myles The Dak, 5. Springfield Ed, 6. The Mini, 7. Buttler Ryan, 8. Busboom Ryan, 9. Cambridge TY, 10. Streamwood Jay, 11. Plano, 12. The LaRue, 13. Cardiac Rob, 14. Naperville.

That's it. See you in August.

Puppy Trophy