Payton34 Fantasy Football League

This year is our 11th season. Huzzah! It's pretty much all here for you, so click away! We're a Yahoo league. That's nice.

The 2016 Payton34 season is kaput as we all hail a new champion, a new BOSS, if you will. The Naperville Puppies!

2016 Payton34 Champions
Naperville Puppies, owner: WilliamT

You can relive all the goodness and nonstop action here. Huzzah!

Payton34 - the 2016 season

Cheers to next year... to 2017. (clink)

thanks... yow, bill

PS - Holy cats! Almost forgot. Here's the kitty. The league champion is engraved on the trophy and takes it home for the year of his/her reign. All hail the highly-coveted Payton34 Trophy!

Payton34 trophy