Payton34 Walter!

Walter Payton was the best football player I ever saw. Obviously, he's the inspiration for our league. Man, Walter was old school 30 year ago. Here's his career, ala football-reference.

Walter was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1993. (btw, this page used to be cool... now, not so much)

Walter started 184 games in his 13 year NFL career. He retired as the all-time rushing leader. (a pox on you, faker E Smith!) Anywho, here are some cool career stats.

  • 16,726 yards rushing
  • 110 rushing TD's
  • 4,538 yards receiving
  • 15 receiving TD's
  • 331 yards passing
  • 8 passing TD's

The stats don't tell half the Walter Payton story. At just 5' 10", Walter was still the strongest, toughest RB. One of my favorite things: Walter rarely ran out of bounds. If you were coming to tackle Walter... well, he was looking for you, to knock your block off.


thanks... yow, bill