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This website

This website was built using the Bootstrap framework. I put some extra time and effort in for educational purposes, and for fun. I used the Slate theme at

My color scheme uses the official colors of the Chicago Bears, I think. I used a potpourri of Google Fonts: Open Sans and Happy Monkey. This is a cool site that really sped up my font search: I mostly used the Espresso HTML/CSS editor, which is so good that I actually paid cash money for it.

Old versions

It's August 2016 right now. The creation date of this current Payton34 site.

I saved a couple of older index pages from past years. Some of the links are probably a little dusty (aka broken), but it's still fun to look back at the crappiness. (he he)

Thank you

Thanks for visiting and for reading along. Please email me if you have any comments or ideas or want to join the league.

Special thanks to all my fellow Payton34 team owners, my friends. It's been a lot of fun, and I hope it will continue to be fun for years to come. I have this vision, decades in the future, of running Payton34 and LetsPlay3 from some old folks home, looking at old boxscores and drooling in a cup. Smiling all the while.

thanks... yow, bill