Payton34 About our league

Payton34 is a fun and friendly fantasy football league. (alliteration!) The league's global inter-galatic headquarters are located in beautiful Naperville, IL.

Payton34 has been around for more than a decade now. The history of the league: First there was The UFFL... then the Jones7 or Jonesy League... and now, Payton34. Read on!


Payton34's strange uncle (the uncle you don't talk about, locked up in the attic with a bucket of fishheads) is a league called the UFFL. That stands for United Fantasy Football League. Here's a link, but it might be old/defunct: The UFFL.

The UFFL was run by ole Steve Tucker. He was running fantasy leagues when you were knee high to a grasshopper. Payton34 is a young punk compared to the UFFL.

Well, some of us were in Steve's league "back in the day", and it was a blast. Dang, (sniff sniff) I'm welling up here. Anywho, Steve if you're reading this... Thanks, man!


After the UFFL, I started my own league, The Jones7 League, aka "The Jonesy". We did that for 3 seasons. Wanna see?

J.O.N.E.S. stands for "Jerk Off Nearly Every Sunday". (classy, he he) Well, Jonesy got divorced (cough) and the league was shuttered (she got the gold mine...). Payton34 was born.


Payton34 definitely riding the wave of popularity that fantasy football is generally afforded these days. We've been 14 teams strong for more than 5 years now.

Here's the real history... years and years of cheesy web pages, old Yahoo boxscores and blather from seasons of Payton34 fun. Spin the dial below to visit any Payton34 season. GO!

That's it, baby.

thanks... yow, bill