NIBL 2002 - Notes

Oct 29, 2001... Young Bill Krieger

Draft Reprise


Here's the temporary page to get us through this week... should be at full strength by Sunday (knock on wood).

The Draft

Great draft Saturday! Thanks to all for the smooth, if contentious, selection process.

Before getting down to b'ness, I want to address the rumors swirling around the draft Saturday about the Santa Fe/Sioux City/Shakopee/Burlington franchise owned by Steve Tucker. I refer you to the official press release issued last week by NIBL headquarters:

"Per our privacy policy, The NIBL does not disclose the the results of any surprise drug testing done throughout the league. Therefore, we have no comment on the rumor that Steve Tucker has been suspended from the league by the pee doctor for one year after testing positive for steroids, crack and absinthe. We just have nothing to say about it."

- Sally Vacuum, VP Public Relations, The NIBL

Let's see... here's some draft info in pre-munged form (thanks Johnny Rai!):

  • JRai's NIBL Draft spreadsheets - lots of goodies including each teams draft picks, a list of the players picked from each NBA team, etc. If you have Excel, check it out.
  • nibl_players.txt - this is a silly text file listing the players in the draft. If you don't have Excel, then you can peek at this until the page is fully operational.


Here's week one's awesome matchups:

Aruba at West Chicago

[ boxscore ]

Premier matchup between the two winningest and crankiest franchises! Vegas (the place, not the NIBL team) is seeing a lot of action on this game.

Cancun at Manila

[ boxscore ]

We ought to sell a calendar... Women of the NIBL. One things for sure: the claws will come out for this week one catfight!

Elk Grove at Napa Valley

[ boxscore ]

Elk Grove seemed disoriented at the draft. Is this just an act to lull Napa Valley into complacency? No, Taster will win by 30 nibs.

Rip City at Nashville

[ boxscore ]

The Rippers will try to teach newbie Nashville a harsh lesson of the "great northwest"

Nantucket at Cap City

[ boxscore ]

Cap City was lauded by Joan Rivers in her post-NIBL draft show for both his stunning outfit and posture, and also for landing Vin-sanity and Stephon Marbury. How is that even possible? The Tools are definitely the early favorite to win it all! Prediction: Nantucket Jack by 12 nibls.

Walla Walla at Plainfield

[ boxscore ]

Plainfield (the ol' Bolingbrook BigHops) looks for the franchise's first nibl victory. Shaq's thinking Plainfield can wait another week or two.

Vegas at Diablo

[ boxscore ]

KG and Finley versus Kobe and Shawn "the Matrix" Marion... the scores in this game will be well over 300 nibls. Oh Danny, Eddie Robinson is already out... plan B?

DuPage at Seattle

[ boxscore ]

Two newbies and MJ's NIBL return since his days as a Thong in the NIBL inaugural season.

I have the rest of the NIBL 2002 25 week schedule in pre-munged form as well...

World Pretend Championship

Finally, we have our annual challenge with the boys from San Fran at the GNABO. It's NIBL vs. GNABO for the fake pretend bogus championship of the WORLD!!! I'll post results this weekend when they happen.

The matchup:

  • West Chicago CleavageBeaters - Don Fenton ruled the NIBL once again. Remember the whippings Don handed out last year with Kobe, Nowitzki, Mutombo, the Baron, Jason Terry, Van Horne... an all-star lineup!
  • Spokane Gilded Age - M. Jesse Jackson is commissioner and GNABO winner in 2001. I can't even picture a fantasy basketball league where the commissioner wins... hmmm. Anyway, Spokane's lineup features Marbury, Big Dog, and Antawn Jamison.

Barring silliness from Spokane's Mr. Jamison (like 140 nibls or something), Don Fenton should treat Spokane as rudely as he treats the rest of the NIBL... without mercy. Go Don Fenton (Lord help me)... I need a shower!


yow, bill