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This is the Players page. It contains a bunch of lists, all sorted by player.


Here are the transactions that have happened so far:

Ok, so you hate your team. Relax... who doesn't. Here's a list that may interest you:

  • NBA Available Players - this is a list of all the players in the NBA, with their correct position. The available players are in white, and the taken players are grayed out.
  • Top Available NBA Players - this is a list of available NBA players, sorted by how many Nibls they've scored this season. Try it.

Also, you can see your team's current roster at your team page. You can click on your team name in the standings at the Nibl 2003 page.

Ok, (again) so this is kind of a pain. I hope to upgrade with a page of the best-scoring NBA players on the ash heap (not on any Nibl team yet) very shortly. I will also place a page of transactions here after they start rolling in.

Player Stats

You can peruse stats on the upper crust of the NIBL at 

NIBL 2003 - The Better Half


The Nibl 2003 All-Star Team


The 2003 All-Nibl Team and MVP

Nibl Player Lists

Here's some information sorted

NBA Player Lists

Some important data for you... all eligible players with their positions:

  • nba_players_sheet.xls - Excel spreadheet of all nibl-eligible players listed with the positions they can play... you will get a hardcopy of this at the draft.
  • nba_players.txt - Text file format of the nibl-eligible players

Also, some nice pre-draft information courtesy Johnny "spreadsheet" Rai:

  • nba_player_stats_2002.xls - Sweet Excel spreadsheet of NBA player performances last year. Btw, it's kinda big at 176Kb. I'll also have a hardcopy of this for you at the draft.









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