2008 LP3 Champ: Naperville Planets

September 16, 2008

Hi ho!

Naperville win! Naperville win! Naperville win!

Read all about the 2008 playoffs here: playoffs.htm

yow, bill

PS - Z… no-hitter!!

LetsPlay3 2008 Playoffs

September 2, 2008

Lets the LP3 playoffs begin. Huzzah!

Our playoff format is different than Yahoo’s (crappy) setup:

  • Top 4 teams in the playoffs: Pope, Planet, Cub, KM3
  • 1 week per round

So, I have a page you can follow with the latest, greatest results.


I’ll try and update the page daily.

Good luck to all (especially the Planet)!

peace… yow, bill

Week 22 Update… and more!

September 1, 2008

Yo yo yo,

Last week of the regular season:

I’ll do a full post for the playoffs soon soon soon.

All-LP3 Team and 2008 MVP

Oh, what a giveaway. Oh well. The LP3 MVP (the #1 Yahoo-ranked player at the end of the regular season is…

Lance Berkman

Killer Maltese III

Lance was the last player chosen in the 4th round. Cough. Nice job, Brad.

And, here’s the All-LP3 team for 2008 (with Yahoo-rank and LP3 team):

  • C - B McCann #89 (Killer Maltese III)
  • 1B - A Pujols #3 (Cryogenic Teds)
  • 2B - I Kinsler #7 (Chicago Cubs)
  • 3B - D Wright #6 (Cryogenic Teds)
  • SS - H Ramirez #9 (Spitzer’s Nine)
  • OF - Lance Berkman #1 (Killer Maltese III)
  • OF - Matt Holliday #2 (Vatican City Popes)
  • OF - Carlos Quentin #5 (Cryogenic Teds)
  • DH - J Hamilton #8 (Fighting Illini)

Carlos Quentin was undrafted (nice pickup Jay), and Josh Hamilton was an 11th round selection of the Illini. Of the 8 first-round selections, 3 made the All-LP3 team: H-Ram, D-Wright, and Holliday.

And the All-LP3 pitching staff is:

  • SP - R Halladay #4 (Fighting Illini)
  • SP - C Lee #10 (Vatican City Popes)
  • RP - Mariano #31 (Fighting Illini)
  • RP - J Papelbon #40 (Naperville Planets)
  • P - T Lincecum #20 (Fighting Illini)

that’s all folks… yow, bill

One more week to go

August 25, 2008 Hey,

Week 21 stats:

The NIPR loves the Poap and the Planet… the #1 and #2 teams in the standings. Those two teams and the KM3 have clinched 3 of the 4 possible playoff spots.

The last spot is a duel between the Mini-Cub, the Illini, and the surprising CryoTeds. Week 22 will decide all for these teams.

The real Cub have now won 8 series in a row. Newbie Cub Rich Harden (and Planet star) has stats so outrageous that I dare not even type them.

Rich Harden dominating for the Cub and the Planet

Rich Harden dominating for the Cub and the Planet

cub win… yow, bill

Week 20 update

August 18, 2008

Two weeks left in the regular season.

The top four teams advance to the playoffs.

Enjoy: Week 20 BPR stats

yow, bill

PS - Ty and I have signed up for a Geo Soto autograph tonight. Huzzah!

Week 19 Update

August 11, 2008


quickie… yow, bill

Vacation catch-up: Weeks 17, 18

August 4, 2008


The NIPR rankings fall almost exactly in line with the standings: Pope, Planet, KM3, Mini-Cub.

4 weeks to the playoffs.

Top 4 teams make the playoffs.

run faster… yow, bill

The New Cub

July 24, 2008

First off, huzzah to the new Cub, Rich Harden.

Rich Harden... the new Cub

Rich Harden... the new Cub

Now, I’m not huzzahing (?) the guy just because he’s a Naperville Planet, and I’m a genius for drafting the guy in the umpteenth round. No, just mostly because he’s a Planet and I appear, to the naked eye, to be a genius. Cough.

Anyway, stats:

i heart harden… yow, bill

LP3 2008 All-Star Team

July 16, 2008


I’m still a little weary from late-night “real” All-Star game viewing. He he.

Here’s Justin Morneau’s winning slide in the bottom of the 15th inning. I can’t find any photos of me turning the TV off in the 14th and going to bed.

All-Star game winning slide in the 15th inning

Anyway, here’s the LP3 All-Star team based on Yahoo-ranking:

  • C - B McCann #75, KM3
  • 1B - L Berkman #1, KM3
  • 2B - I Kinsler #2, Cub
  • 3B - Chipper #12, Hilltopper
  • SS - H-Ram #3, S9
  • OF - J Hamiltion #4, Illini
  • OF -  G Sizemore #10, Poap
  • OF - N McClouth #11, Free agent
  • DH - C Utley #5, Hilltopper

And the All-Star pitchers:

  • SP - R Halladay #6, Illini
  • SP - C Lee #8, Poap
  • RP - Mariano #17, Illini
  • RP - J Soria #42, S9
  • P - J Duscherererer #7, CryoTed

You gotta love it. The constant ridicule of Nate “ain’t white boy day” McClouth on the LP3 message boards has perhaps led to the Pirate OF’s free agent status. Of course, the main instigator of this ridicule is yours truly, the owner of the only team without an LP3 All-Star. Now, that’s some nice symmetry.

Isn’t is funny how the word symmetry isn’t symmetrical?

maybe not that funny… yow, bill

Let’s Post Two!

July 14, 2008


Oops. Vegas called, so I didn’t do an update last week. So, two, two, two weeks for one.

From this observers vantage point, it looks like 3 elite teams and then the dregs. The Poap, the KM3, and the Mini-Cub are all spittin’ distance from the top of the heap. There’s a third of a season to determine the 4th and final playoff team.

su-wing batter… yow, bill

PS - And yes, the Cub are more than a handful of games ahead in the Central. Gulp.

Cub win.

Cub win.