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The playoffs

Payton Bowl 2007 results:

2007 Payton Bowl Champs

Naperville Zeppelin

Owner: William T Krieger

Zeppelin win! Zeppelin win! Zeppelin win!

Such were the cries heard throughout downtown Naperville, as the Naperville Zeppelin captured the 2007 Payton Bowl in a 60-45 win over the KGG II. Read the game's boxscore for all the details.

The 2007 flavor of the Payton Bowl is:

2007 Payton Bowl



Naperville Zeppelin 60

[ boxscore ]


The first round of the playoffs are set!

  • KGG II 58, Cincy Dark Cobras 37 [ boxscore ]
  • Naperville Zeppelin 62, St. Charles Sapphire 48 [ boxscore ]

Film at eleven!

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Season stats

Nov 26, 2007

Well, is it better late than never? Why not!

Here are the season stats. It's the standings each week (for posterity's sake... I plan on visiting this site often from my nursing home bed, if Window 2030 when Windows 2040 isn't crashing) and points scored and the ever-elusive points scored against. Yummy.

God bless Excel... and cut and paste! Go:

Here's the crappy raw data for the season: season.htm

go deep... yow, bill

Season notes

Dec 26, 2007

That's a wrap. Thanks to everyone, and we'll see you next year.

And gol dang, I love you TO and Kurt Warner and Brandon Jacobs and Led Zeppelin, and well, gosh, everyone. He he!

just win baby... yow, bill


Dec 18, 2007

Last gasp, I hope. This is my usual player scoring summary, by position:

Player Scoring Summary

done... yow, bill


Dec 11, 2007

Well, the season's a wrap, and surprise, surprise your Payton34 MVP is:

Tom Brady (nwe) 

of the Cincy Dark Cobras

Of course, Brady is the starting QB of your all-Payton34 team:

2007 All-Payton34 First Team
QBT Brady (nwe)Cincy2522nd round pick, selected right after D McNabb. Dop.
RBLT (sdg)Melonville159The #1 pick
RBB Westbrook (phi)Plainfield1482nd round pick
WRR Moss (nwe)ConnVick172I count 12 WR's taken before Moss was in the 4th round
WRTO (dal)Naperville1422nd round pick
TEA Gates (sdg)Naperville91First TE off the board, of course
RB/WRJ Addai (ind)KGG1371st round, 9th pick
KM Crosby (gnb)Lawn Ranger119Undrafted. 10 other kickers within 14 points scored
DMinnesotaHilltopper116Undrafted. 8 defensive TD's scored!

And your second-team all-Payton34 is:

2007 All-Payton34 Second Team
QBT Romo (dal)Lawn Ranger1874th round pick. Shame on you Cowboy fans... you know who you are!
RBAP (min)KGG123The best pick of the draft in round 7 and next year's #1 pick.
RBM Barber (dal)St. Charles112Sweet 6th round pick!
WRB Edwards (cle)Hilltopper1238th round steal!
WRTJ Housh... (cin)Lawn Ranger1093rd round pick
TEJ Witten (dal)Palatine81Tasty last-round pick. How'd that happen?!?
RB/WRJ Lewis (bal),
R Wayne (ind)
St. Charles107Both players, same team, same points, 3rd and 9th round picks.
KN Folk (dal)Melonville115Undrafted.
DSan DiegoLawn Ranger1067th round pick worked out

Honorable mention to KGG's Greg Jennings who scored 105 points this year, just missing 2nd team honors. Interestingly, Jennings was St. Charles last pick of the draft and released in week 1.

money... yow, bill


Nov 26, 2007

You know what my problem is. 

There's no topping that Johnny Larue picture below.

Why bother trying.

I guess seeing lousy kids like Myles and Ty and Justin making a mockery of the league up there in 1st and 2nd place doesn't help either. I see you boys up there.

Well, here's one for the boys... Devin Hester asking why he's on the bench after taking two kicks to the house against Denver this week:

Don't listen to your father, Ty. Play me, baby!

As Ty would mimic, "Devin Hester... you are ridiculous!"

he he... yow, bill


Sep 23, 2007

Eric Schoonover, owner and taskmaster of the Mellonville LaRues:

Johnny Larue, SCTV

I don't have anything to say that's funnier than that picture. Ha!

Go Sapphire... stick it to the old man, Myles!

later... yow, bill

Draft results

Sep 2, 2007

Wow, the draft was Saturday Sep 1 and was great fun. Some highlights include:

  • Well, the weirdest thing in fantasy football history... the draft actually started a few minutes early. Unprecedented!
  • We have three kid's teams: Cincy Dark Cobras (Justin & Ty), St. Charles Sapphire (Myles) and Palatine Paladines (Aaron). The kids did an excellent job on their first-ever draft, as I am about to witness first-hand. The beloved Naperville Zeppelin play the vaunted Dark Cobra in week 1!
  • Eric brought his official draft board. Very cool.
  • Ginos pizza afterward!
  • "Steve Smith. Ocho Cinco"... welcome to my nightmare.

Alright, enough reminiscing. Here's the b'ness:

  • One rule change was voted in. We added another player to the weekly lineup, a RB/WR. We reduced the number of bench players from 6 to 5. The rationale: why do we have all these bench guys... get 'em out there, eh!
  • As usual, we will have 4 playoff teams, which is the way it's setup in Yahoo (unlike baseball).
  • The payout is small this year as kids and NCAA-bots didn't/couldn't contribute to the kitty. 2nd place is $50 and 1st place is $250. I still need money from everyone but Daryl. If a non-paying team wins money, then it gets complicated: 
    • Non-pay wins 1st, then the money goes to the 2nd place team.
    • Non-pay wins 2nd, then the money goes to the 1st place team.
    • If both 1st and 2nd place are non-pay and 3rd and 4th place (determined after the first round of playoffs) are paying teams, then the 3rd/4th place playoff consolation game will be for all the money.
    • If 3 of the 4 playoff teams are non-pay, then the one paying team gets all the money.
    • If all 4 playoff teams are non-pay (jeez), then the 5th-ranked team according to the regular season Yahoo standings gets the dough. If there's a tie for 5th, then the money is split.
    • Note: yes, I just made all that up. And yes, it's good to be king.
  • The draft order was: Eric, Daryl, Jay, Bill, Greg, Myles, Justin & Ty, Aaron, Chris the commish, and Mark. Greg and Mark drafted in absentia ala a list plus an algorithm.
  • Click on Eric Schoonover's awesome draft board of mystery™ below for all the flavors of draft results:
Payton34 2007 draft results

It's the morning after, September 2, at 5:30 am. I'm up early because I had to escort my first ex-wife and her husband to hurricane Felix. Interpretation: I got up to see them to their cab on the way to the Caribbean. Anyway, I think 5:30 am is a new record.

It's always cool as commish in these Yahoo leagues because you get to click the big-ass "Begin Season" link after entering the draft picks. So, I clicked on "Begin Season"... all tingly... and then remembered that I forgot to added the additional RB/WR to our lineup settings. Panic! Not to worry, as Yahoo software is wise and forgiving and let me modify our settings. Ah, life is good. 

Everyone have a great season and... Go deep!

thanks... yow, bill

PS - For high-quality photography and mounting, check out That's where Daryl's wife Mindy works. Hey Daryl, how's that for viral marketing! I want stock options, dang it. Ha!

The draft

The draft is:

  • Buy-in is $50... except if you're under 18 or the commissioner of a major (cough) atheletic conference.
  • Saturday Sep 1 @ 3:00pm sharp... come early and have a brew
  • At Castle BillSkull... 1219 Bonnema Ct. in Naperville
  • Call me on my cell if you get lost... 630-215-3961
  • We'll have pizza and poker afterwards if you're interested

The algorithm for draft order is: loterry teams from 2006, then newbies chosen randlomly, then playoff teams in order of their playoff finish. So, the draft order in 2--7 will be:

  1. Eric (the Poap)
  2. Brad (maltese boy)
  3. Daryl (lawn ranger)
  4. Jay (gurrrrr)
  5. Bill (dating your sister)
  6. newbie
  7. newbie
  8. newbie
  9. Chris (the commish)
  10. Mark (reigning champ, your better in every way)

So yeah, so far we have 10 teams. Our three newbies are: Hilltopper Greg from baseball, Aaron Ziemke (son of a lawn ranger), and the three kids (Justin, Myles and Ty). Yes, we're experimenting with two kid teams this year. If either of the kids' teams  wins the league, then the experiment will be discontinued.

Pre-draft help

I know that we have our share of newbies, so here are some tasty sites that may have a list you like:

Our Yahoo league site also has player rankings. Click on "Players" at the top. You can see our league rules by clicking on "Settings" at the top. Our scoring is pretty standard though.

If you're newbie, then print out one of these lists and bring it to the draft. Come early and have a brew and ask questions.

Oh, almost forgot. I was googling to find the NFL cheerleader site for y'all and found this: It's some goof with a whole mess of NFL cheerleader links. God bless him, crazy goof. Ha!




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