The Naperville Invitational Basketball League (the Nibl) is (well, was) a fantasy basketball league located right here America's heartland, Naperville IL


Nibl Done... medium rare

Young Bill Krieger (Jun 2, 2003)


Sing along and sustain...............

"I declare
A holiday
Full of sleep
Drift away"
- Radiohead "Sulk"

Nibl Done

The erosion of time and the winds of change have finally shuttered the Nibl. 

Bittersweet end? Sure. So be it.

Well, I choose the sweet over the bitter: Dang, that was fun!

Thanks for playing and good luck to all.

nibl... yow, bill




If you're a confused newbie, grab some NIBL intro goodness.

Need all the nitty gritty (yawn),  then check out the NIBL Bylaws.

The Nibl lasted 6 cool seasons... here they are:

1998 ~ 1999 ~ Nibl 2K ~ 2001 ~ 2002 ~ 2003


Highest of the high in Nibl lore exist here:

Nibl Hall of Champions





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