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Those who live in the past are cowards and losers.

- Mike Ditka

The Trophy

Every season, the team owners of LetsPlay3 gather for the long 6 month fantasy baseball season, each of us burning with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns! (exclamation point)

This powerful intensity is focused on a single goal... humiliate and degrade your opponent.

No. Not that!

The goal is ultimate victory... to win the league championship and possess the coveted LetsPlay3 Trophy. (oh my) The winner each season get his/her name engraved on the trophy and keeps the trophy during their reign as LetsPlay3 champion. Sweet.

LetsPlay3 Championship Trophy

Note: That trophy picture (above) is old. The trophy has been extended with a second base, ala the Stanley Cup. We needed the room to engrave future champion names. Huzzah!

When in doubt, ATTACK!

- General George S. Patton, on his fantasy baseball strategy

The Champions

Here are the champions for each season, my frie-end. (smile)

Season Champion Owner
Greedo 2002 Season Jennas  
Fenway Fan 2003 Season ??? ???
LetsPlay2 2004 Season La Grange G-Spots Jerry Kee
LetsPlay2 2005 Season Gotham City Golem Tommy Dieboldt
LetsPlay2 2006 Season Naperville Turtles William T Krieger
LetsPlay3 2007 Season Vatican City Popes Eric Schoonover
LetsPlay3 2008 Season Naperville Planets William T Krieger
LetsPlay3 2009 Season KGG Nine Chris "Commish" Martin
LetsPlay3 2010 Season Mini-Commishes Justin M
LetsPlay3 2011 Season KGG 2011 Chris "Commish" Martin
LetsPlay3 2012 Season Naperville Rebellion William T Krieger
LetsPlay3 2013 Season Naperville Critter William T Krieger
LetsPlay3 2014 Season Naperville Lunchbox William T Krieger
LetsPlay3 2015 Season KGG 2015 Chris "Commish" Martin
LetsPlay3 2016 Season Vatican City Popes Eric Schoonover
LetsPlay3 2017 Season Boston Poindexter Sir Edward Thomson
LetsPlay3 2018 Season ??? ???

Fantasy baseball is hell!

- General Sherman, setting his lineup before burning Atlanta to the ground

BY - Before Yahoo

Before Yahoo, there was the spreadsheet. These were dark, mystical times.

2002 - Greedo League

Little is known about the Greedo league and its participants. Fantasy archeologists continue to dig and probe the past of this mysterious group.

Champion: Jennas, Owner: unknown

6 Teams: Topes, Chewies, Homos, Jennas, M-Birds, and G-Boyz

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2002

2003 - Fenway Fan League

The history of the Fenway Fan league is equally murky. Somehow, I've lost some of the stuff from the web pages of this season. Just minor things like who won that year. (dop)

Champion: unknown, Owner: unknown

8 Teams: Homowners, Chewies, Jennas, Teds, Mackey, Hammers, Chitown, Outfit, HOMESTAR, Topes

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2003

Know thy self, know thy enemy.
A thousand battles, a thousand victories.

- Sun Tzu, from his ancient Chinese treatise The Art of Fantasy Baseball


In 2004, we were dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The league transitioned from manual stats and spreadsheets to the Yahoo fantasy baseball site. The LetsPlay2 league was born!

2004 LetsPlay2

The thing I remember most about the 2004 season... our champion was an utter and complete fantasy baseball noob. Jerry and the La Grange Spots marched to ultimate victory in the first year of LetsPlay2. I guess it was sort of fitting... new league, noob champ.

Champion: La Grange Spots, Owner: Jerry Kee

8 teams: Naperville Homowners (Bill), Westmont Pelicans (Danny), Coocheyville Cameltoe (Denise), Gotham City Golems (Tommy), Hilo Storm (Steve), La Grange G-Spots (Jerry), WhiteSharks (Angelo), KY Jellies (Ian)

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2004

2005 LetsPlay2

It was very early in our history, but the 2005 championship still stands as the closest finals ever. The Golem defeated Naperville by the method that Yahoo uses to round the floating point numbers for Whip. Yow!

Champion: Gotham City Golem, Owner: Tommy Dieboldt

8 teams: Vatican City Popes (Eric), Gotham City Golems (Tommy), Ukraine Pelicans (Danny), Naperville MagicCup (Bill), LG Spots (Jerry), Coocheyville Cameltoe (Denise), Whitesharks (Angelo), Hilo Storm (Steve)

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2005

2006 LetsPlay2

The aux website theme in 2006 was Kool cigarettes. Smoke 'em if you got 'em boys. (HA!)

Champion: Naperville Turtles, Owner: William T Krieger

12 teams: Plano Tiburon (Angelo), Northsiders (Lisa), Maui Waui (Steve), LaGrange River Rats (Jerry), The Hills Have RBIs (Rob), Coocheyville Cameltoe (Denise), Vatican City Popes (Eric), Gotham City Golems (Tommy), Southern Lumber (Bailey Boys), Naperville Turtles (Bill), Wicker Park Winos (Danny), Brooklyn Soup Nazis (Ed)

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2006

Good pitching will always stop good hitting and vice versa.

- Casey Stengel, from his fantasy baseball blog


Alas, LetsPlay2 died off. But... LetsPlay3 rose to take its place!

We're now in our 12th season with LetsPlay3. The league is strong... and fun.

2007 LetsPlay3

The first year of LP3. All good.

Champion: Vatican City Popes, Owner: Eric Schoonover

12 teams: The Hills Have RBIs (Rob), Lisle Larrys (Kurt), Palatine Rookies (Daryl), Hilltoppers (Greg), sweet georgia brown (Brian), Plainfield Cougars (Mark and Moz), Killer Maltese II (Brad), Kelly Green Guys (Chris the commish), Pearland Pacifiers (Sue), Cryogenic Teds (Jay), Vatican City Popes (Eric), Naperville Claws (Bill/Me)

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2007

2008 LetsPlay3

I tried a blog for my aux stuff in 2008. Didn't work out too well. (dop)

Somebody didn't show up for the draft. Can't remember who, but a pox on them. (ha) So, the kids (Justin, Myles, and TY) jumped in and drafted their first team, the Chicago Cubs. We adults chortled at their silly draft choices... until they were in first place at the All-Star break. The kids' Cubs faded in the second half, but it was a great run.

Champion: Naperville Planets, Owner: William T Krieger

8 teams: Naperville Planets (Bill), Spitzer's Nine (Chris), Vatican City Popes (Eric), Killer Maltese III (Brad), Hilltoppers (Greg), Chicago Cubs (Justin, Myles, Ty), Fighting Illini (Jeremy), Cryogenic Teds (Jay)

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2008

2009 LetsPlay3

2009 featured the first KGG-Naperville finals... the first of many! It was the beginning of the greatest rivalry in LP3 history.

Champion: KGG Nine, Owner: Chris "Commish" Martin

12 teams: Naperville BlackCat (Bill), Hilltopper (Greg), KGG (Chris), DuPage Devil (Justin), CryoTed (Jay), Dallas Destroyer (Myles), Naperville Platinum (Ty), Bay City Brawler (Janny), Vatican City Pope (Eric), Fairydust Kitten (Bobbie), Rookie (Daryl), Killer Maltese (Brad)

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2009

2010 LetsPlay3

I always think of 2010 as the Tulo Title year. TULO went absolutely berserk in the playoffs and led Justin to the first LP3 title by a kid.

Champion: Mini-Commishes, Owner: Justin

12 teams: FIERCE FRENCH FRY (Myles), Bay City Brawler (Janny), Mini-Commish (Justin), Vatican City Poap (Eric), Naperville Platinum (Ty), Rookie (Daryl), Maywood Masher (Woodridge Eric), Taylormade (Kevin), CryoTed (Jay), Killer Maltese (Brad), Naperville Watchmen (Bill), KGG 2010 (Chris)

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2010

2011 LetsPlay3

Year 5... the KGG repeats.

Champion: KGG 2011, Owner: Chris "Commish" Martin

10 teams: Steamboat Matrix (Ty), Vatican City Poap (Eric), Killer Maltese (Brad), FIERCE FRENCH FRY (Myles), Naperville Oriole (Bill), The Hills Have RBI's (Rob), Bay City Brawler (Janny), Cryogenic Ted (Jay), KGG 2011 (Chris), Mini-Commish (Justin)

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2011

2012 LetsPlay3

This was the year we discarded the silly snake draft format. We've happily used a straight draft ever since.

Champion: Naperville Rebellion, Owner: William T Krieger

14 teams: Cryogenic Ted (Jay), Mini Commish (Justin), FIERCE FRENCH FRY (Myles), The Nugget Biscuit (Ty), Vatican City Poap (Eric), Killer Maltese (Brad), Vaunted Ventura (Kyle), Tomahawk Chop (Jeff), Ry's Rebel (Ryan), Jax Sun (Tom), The Hills Have RBI (Rob), Bay City Brawler (Janny), Naperville Rebellion (Bill), KGG 2012 (Chris Commish)

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2012

2013 LetsPlay3

Naperville becomes the first back-to-back champion in LP3 history.

Champion: Naperville Critter, Owner: William T Krieger

14 teams: Jax Sun (Tom), Aperture Mantis Men (TY), Killer Maltese (Brad), KGG 2013 (Chris Commish), Flying Penguin (Nick Carbs), Plano Tiburon (Angeero), Call of Baseball (Jack), Brook Bombers (Lowell), The Hills (Rob), Bay City Brawlers (Janny), Danks for Nothin (Kyle), Vatican City Pope (The Poap), Cryogenic Ted (Jay), Naperville Critter (Bill)

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2013

2014 LetsPlay3

Naperville threepeat! These are dark days for many LP3 owners... except one. (ha!)

The 2014 website is one of my favorite website themes. It has sort of an iPhone look to it.

Champion: Naperville Lunchbox, Owner: William T Krieger

14 teams: Plano Tiburon (Angeero), Bay City Brawler (Janny), jax sun (Tom), The Lazy Robot (TY), CRYOGENIC TED (Jay), Plainfield Shutout (Mark), Bayside Tiger (Nick), RBIs all day (Ryan), Vatican City Poap (Eric), The Hills Have RBIs (Rob), Killer Maltese (Brad), The Flying Penguin (Nick), KGG 2014 (Chris Commish), Naperville Lunchbox (Bill)

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2014

2015 LetsPlay3

We slipped to 12 teams... and one of those was a robo-team. I can't remember why. I do remember a bit of panic when it looked like the robo-team was going to make the playoffs. (ha)

I really like the index card website design. Even though it doesn't work on a small screen.

Champion: KGG 2015, Owner: Chris "Commish" Martin

12 teams: Plano Tiburon (Angeero), Bay City Brawler (Janny), The Giant Squid (TY), CRYOGENIC TED (Jay), Plainfield Shutout (Mark), RBI all day (Ryan), Vatican City Poap (Eric), Winterfell Beardsmen (Rob), Killer Maltese (Brad), KGG 2015 (Chris Commish), Naperville Lunchbox (Bill), Prague Yahoo (auto-draft robo-team)

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2015

2016 LetsPlay3

Vatican City won in 2016. This broke a long streak... the KGG or Naperville had won 7 of the last 8 LP3 titles.

Champion: Vatican City Popes, Owner: Eric Schoonover

14 teams: Plano Tiburon (Angeero), Plainfield Shutout (Mark and Jax), Bay City Brawler (Janny), Notorious Beard (Rob), RBI All Day (Ryan), Vatican City Pope (Eric), Killer Maltese (Brad), Boston Poindexter (Ed), The Okay Team (Tom H), The Legit Team (Luis), CRYOGENIC TED (Jay), Savannah Bannana (TY), Naperville Flower (Bill), KGG Baseball 2016 (Chris Commish)

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2016

2017 LetsPlay3

The Poindexter title in 2017 marks our first international champion. Sir Edward Thomson is located in Cambridge, UK.

Champion: Boston Poindexter, Owner: Sir Edward Thomson

14 teams: Plano Tiburon (Angeero), People of Plainfield (Mark and Jax), Bay City Brawler (Janny), Notorious Beard (Rob), RBI All Day (Ryan), Vatican City Pope (Eric), Killer Maltese (Brad), Boston Poindexter (Ed), The Okay Team (Tom H), The Legit Team (Luis), CRYOGENIC TED (Jay), The Planet Bandit (TY), Naperville Roses (Bill), KGG Baseball 2017 (Chris Commish)

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2017

2018 LetsPlay3

Stay tuned.

N teams: ???

Aux website: williamt.com/fantasy/baseball/season2018

Of course, fantasy baseball is a goof. My weak-ass, creaky websites are even goofier.

But you want to talk history and some memories and why this is all so special. Gol dang—here's my favorite picture over all these years... the kids drafting a team in 2008. (smile)

thanks... yow, bill

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