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"Those who live in the past are cowards and losers."
- Mike Ditka

Ultimate Victory!

We don't play for money, just pride.
And... the spoils of ultimate victory, the coveted LetsPlay3 Championship trophy.

LetsPlay3 Championship Trophy

Our (many) seasons

Each season has its own web page, recounting the year's action, Jackson.

Web page Champion Owner
LetsPlay3 2017 Season Boston Poindexter Ed Thomson
LetsPlay3 2016 Season Vatican City Popes Eric Schoonover
LetsPlay3 2015 Season KGG 2015 Chris "Commish" Martin
LetsPlay3 2014 Season Naperville Lunchbox Bill Krieger
LetsPlay3 2013 Season Naperville Critter Bill Krieger
LetsPlay3 2012 Season Naperville Rebellion Bill Krieger
LetsPlay3 2011 Season KGG 2011 Chris "Commish" Martin
LetsPlay3 2010 Season Mini-Commishes Justin
LetsPlay3 2009 Season KGG Nine Chris "Commish" Martin
LetsPlay3 2008 Season Naperville Planets Bill Krieger
LetsPlay3 2007 Season Vatican City Popes Eric Schoonover
LetsPlay3 2006 Season Naperville Turtles Bill Krieger
LetsPlay3 2005 Season Gotham City Golem Tommy Dieboldt
LetsPlay3 2004 Season La Grange G-Spots Jerry Kee

Teams and owners each year

Here's a quick tally of the teams and owners for each year:

Season 2007 note: Two owners were in absentia for most of the 2007 season, skewing some statistics.

thanks... yow, bill ( )

PS - some leagues that I was in prior to the birth of LetsPlay2/3: