LetsPlay3 2016

Welcome... to the LetsPlay3 auxiliary site for the 2016 fantasy baseball season. (yeah!)

It's all just for fun. I'm lazy (yawn, stretch), so most links take you to a PDF or a Google doc. Yeah, we're a Yahoo league: baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/letsplay3

On draft day... start with some Pre-Draft Info. We drafted on Sat Mar 19, and here are the draft results: Round 1-6, Round 7-12, Round 13-16. Even better... draft results in the flawless hand of The Poap: Round 1-4, Round 5-8, Round 9-12, Round 13-15, Round 16. Even better better... some (very fun) Draft day pics.

During the regular season... I keep track of some cool extra weekly team stats.

At the MLB All-Star break, here's the LP3 All-Star Team.

That's a wrap on the regular season... Final standings and the All-LP3 team.

THE Playoffs... Here we go!

The Wildcard round was, well, wild: KGG 6, Plano Tiburon 4 (boxscore); Vatican City Pope 6, Notorious BEARD 4 (boxscore).

If the Wildcard games were wild, then the Semis were mild as the KGG and Pope win fairly easily: KGG 6, Naperville Flower 4 (boxscore); Vatican City Pope 5, Savannah Bannana 4 (boxscore).

POPE WIN! The Finals started slow but ended with a razor-close 5-5 Sunday afternoon finish. Drunken Catholics are overturning Pope-mobiles in Vatican City tonight as the team wins the 2016 LetsPlay3 title on its head-to-head tiebreaker advantage.

I have the whole story here at the boxscore: Vatican City Pope 5, KGG 5 (boxscore).

Playoffs bracket

Here's my blather-filled wrap of the 2016 season: LetsPlay3 2016 - That's a wrap

Thanks all. Huzzah!

lets play three... yow, bill