LetsPlayTwo, the 2004 Season

This page adds a little extra spice to our Yahoo fantasy baseball experience. The highlight being my "Bill's Power Ranking" or BPR of how each team is performing statistically over the season. Check it out.

The Playoffs

Bow down to your better in every way...


2004 Champion

LaGrange G-Spots

Owner: Jerry Kee


The G-Spots pull out an incredible tiebreak victory for all the marbles. Click on "boxscore" below for all the happy totals.

It was a blast. See everyone next year.

let's play two... yow, bill


And then there were two... for all the marbles.


#5. Hilo Storm 5


#6 LaGrange G-Spots 5 *


   * LaGrange wins tiebreaker

The last two teams to make the playoffs will now play for the title. Underdogs have swept through the playoffs to this point, and the Spot hope this will continue. LaGrange has crushed people so far with incredible hitting and solid pitching. While the Spot have stomped, the Storm have squeaked by with a 5-4 win and 4-4 tiebreaker battle... two clutch wins.

The title round is a full two weeks long, finishing our 26 week, half a year, odyssey. The team standing after this extended playoff will rightfully lay his claim as grand poo-bah of the league. Play ball!

Playoffs, Round 2

As the big dogs rested on the bye week laurels, the underdogs dominated round 1... round 2?


#1. Naperville Homowners, 4


#5. Hilo Storm, 4*


 * Hilo wins tiebreaker

#2. Westmont Pelicans, 3


#6. LaGrange G-Spots, 7


Playoffs, Round 1

The Spot and the Storm advance... week of the underdogs. Details in the boxscores, man.


LaGrange G-Spots 7

Coocheyville CamelToe 3




Hilo Storm 5

Gotham City Golem 4



Regular Season Wrap

Wrap in a tidy bow... the 2004 regular season:

LP2 2004 Regular Season Wrapup

Team stats from the 2004 season... Yahoo fantasy league "LetsPlayTwo":

2004 Season Stats

Weekly Bill Power Rankings (BPR):

Week 21 (regular season finale)

Week 20 (oops) ~ Week 19 ~ Week 18 ~ Week 17 ~ Week 16

Week 15 ~ Week 14 ~ Week 13 ~ Week 12 ~ Week 11

Week 10 ~ Week 9 ~ Week 8 ~ Week 7 ~ Week 6

Week 5 ~ Week 4 ~ Week 3

The BPR is defined here:

Explanation of the Bill Power Ranking (BPR)


Hey, email me if you can't read any of these files... I know they're full on Microsoft-specific goop, but I'm not sure if this will prevent the pages from being viewed on other browsers.

Quickie! We've all played each other 2 times, with one more go around the league left in the regular season. How have you done against each team in the league so far? Click below to find out:

Two Thirds Team Match-up Records

ALL NUDE! Or is that new? Anyway, I whipped up a special page with all the goodies at the halfway point of the season. Things like: the LP2 All-Star team, standings, BPRs, and commentary, by god. I happen to call it:

LetsPlay2 League - Life at the Halfway Point

I hate to be a tourist, but here's some stuff I added after the season, actually:

Finally, I know we have lots of newbies in our inaugural season, so here's some fun (and informative?) fantasy baseball links that I use:

Email me ( williamt@williamt.com ) your favorite site and I'll add it to the list. Yow!

An awesome season...
yow, bill